Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dueling Divas and Matyr Girl make Empty Promise – TSS eotd

I am continuing to shop my stash. Yes, I know I have three LEs which I haven’t touched yet – not even to swatch for you patient readers who have requested swatches… but at the moment, I’m finding it more fun to shop my stash and see what new looks I can come up with.

These TSS colors are all available in the regular collection except for Dueling Divas which is from the custom palette.

One of my gfs commented that since I have a sizable area above my crease I should use it. So I’m trying to extend the limits of my color application. LOL!

My color mojo is kinda back. If you notice, I’m using a lot more colors again. But its fun to really get back to blending and mixing things up.

Lashes used were Ardell’s Demure. I did tell my other gf that I didn’t like them… well, surprise, surprise, fickle Fr0nd actually does. They significantly up the volume of my lashes while not being long enough to hit the lenses of my glasses. So I’ll probably be looking into getting a couple more of this model.

Enough talk… on to the eotd!


Monistat – base
NYX JEP in Pacific – all over lid and smudged up
TSS Dueling Divas (custom) – inner lid
TSS Pom Pom Chic – mid lid
TSS Matyr Girl – out lid & crease
TSS Empty Promise (one of my fav purples) – above the crease
TSS Moonlight Whimsy (another old fav) – highlight
MM liquid e/liner in black
Dayna’s Minerals Just Browsing Black – brows
Ardell’s Demure lashes

DSC07660  DSC07661DSC07665 DSC07664  

with flash – pls excuse the oiliness, this was taken at night after a very long day

DSC07674 DSC07673

my own thoughts are that I really should move the lashes inwards… they’re way too long at the outer corners and make everything look droopy. But given that I had already spent 45 mins (just on lashes) trying to get this look together, I was too frustrated to pull them off and start over for the fifth time. Will try to do better the next round.


and one with my eldest who has become a four eyed monster just recently :(


finally, just a word to let you know that I’ll try to blog at least twice a week for the next four weeks. But no promises. Its the school holidays and that means mummy is on the “go go go” – much less “me” time to play with my colors :)

til the next time, stay beautiful!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Saw the Angel to Risked it all and Won – TSS LE Stone’s Throw eotd

Felt kinda greenish brown today. So shopped my stash and this is what I came up with. *all e/s from the LE collection unless indicated)


Monistat – base
NYX JEP in French Fries – all over lid
TSS Saw the Angel – inner lid
TSS Warm and Fuzzy (may be a blush.. I dunno) – mid lid
TSS Lost Moss – outer corner/crease
TSS Risked It All and Won – above the crease
TSS Scatter Brain (regular) – highlight
Dayna’s Minerals in Browsin’ Black for brows

DSC06691 DSC06692

Been playing with false eyelashes so decided to start showing my experiments off. This is Ardell’s Invisilash Babies.

DSC06664 DSC06665


please excuse the floppy outer corner. I still can’t get it done right. Annoying. I know I have a learning curve to conquer but learning anything just sucks sometimes. Sigh.

Any helpful pointers from people who’ve been there done that would be extremely appreciated!!

And finally here’s a ‘rare’ full fotd… see my lovely lashes. :)


Usual suspects:

Blend of SN perfecting powder, date bait, foundation and CS’ silica
SN’s Climax blusher
no lippie.. hadn’t got that far when I took pics :P

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

silkminerals - eotd


As I’ve said in previous posts, I love SilkMineral’s pearl e/s. They go on so prettily and easy. In this look, I decided to be a little more colorful and use three together although it is very easy to use them by themselves as I’ve done here.

DSC05651 DSC05650 

Its been a while since I did this look but here’s what I think I used.

Monistat – base
NYX JEP in yoghurt – lid
SilkMinerals CornFlower – inner lid
SilkMinerals Cyan – mid lid
SilkMinerals Orchid – outer lid
Dayna’s Minerals in Browsin’ Black for the brows

if I’m not wrong, MM liquid liner in black to line the top lashes.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Majolica Majorca Jewelling Eyes

Had to run down to central yesterday to post out some packages so decided to drop by Watsons on the way home.

MM just released this summer collection of e/s and I was hoping to take a closer look at it.


Top (left to right): VI782, RD784, PK785, GR780
Bottom (left to right): BL381, PK383, GD886, SV887

I only swatched VI782 and BL381 and then gave up. The colors just weren’t attractive enough for me to keep going. If you’d like to see the whole range swatched, drop by Iswii’s blog.

here’s the pics I took (VI782 on top)


the top left corner e/s was the most sparkly in each quad. According to the diagram, its supposed to be use to play up the middle of the lid and under the brow bone.

My cousin is going to Taiwan on Sunday and I was tempted to ask him to get me some but after seeing these swatches… well, I’m glad I don’t like them cos then I get to save some money. *big grin*

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random ramblings…

its been a non makeup week so no new pics. sorry.

so I guess you’d be wondering why. It started last Friday.

I sent my younger 2 kids to school. Got there and discovered that my girl had rashes all over her palms and soles. Given the recent spotlight on ‘hand foot mouth disease’, I brought her to see the doctor. No diagnosis… “could be anything” according to him. Sigh.

Next day, she developed a fever… then the day after my eldest had a fever. Anyways, to cut a long story short, I’ve kept the kids home… for a total of 7 days now.

Now, that’s a formula for a grumpy Fr0nd. Sigh…

Then on Wednesday morning, we wake up and discover our two adult bicycles (with extra seats each) were missing. They were chained up but not to anything… this is the 2nd time in 2 years. Totally annoying! especially since we depend on that to get around a lot. To us, its not a luxury item but a necessary means of transport.

So my week’s been rather crappy but on the positive side, I’m clearing up my stash. Slowly weeding out stuff I' haven’t been using for a while. So expect to see a stash sale soon. :)

I promise I’ll post some makeup related stuff next. I do have some old eotds and things… until then, make sure your life is full of nice, bright, sunny colors!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Native’s Colossal Karma results in Eventual Madness – eotd - tss le live inspired

 DSC05597 DSC05596  DSC05594

Please excuse the lack of cropping and the slight smudginess of the eotd. This was taken very late at night and the look is after about 12 hours of wearing.

Am rushing something out and I have two sick kids at home.. not much time to say much else… :P

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A quick update

tried to include this in the NYX swatch post but... Sorry for the slight break in postings... its exam season here in the house... my eldest is taking his mid year exams. As all Sinagporeans know, when kids take exams, the parents are the ones that are totally stressed out. sigh... it will get better by the end of this week. *wipes sweat*

then I came down with a lymph node infection last week (probably too much stress). The right side of my neck is sore and its just draining my energy. No idea why my lymph node needs to much energy but there you go... bed time comes often for me now... can't stay awake for long. Sad huh?

plus I'm working on a huge personal project. Something I've never done before. There's a huge learning curve and its taking tonnes of planning, energy, research and calculations. (many many thanks to the few of you who are working f/t as my sounding boards!)

then to top it off, some of my immediate family are giving me rubbish... which does not help in terms of stress levels (kinda related to my infection...)

I have been doing eotds but mostly been shopping my stash... not enough energy to do the swatches I *have* to do before using new colors. here's my current to do list in terms of m/u:

  • swatches for - TSS grab bag (yes, Cavano... haven't forgotten you!)
    • TSS LE Pisces
    • TSS LE Aquarius
    • TSS LE Random Acts of Color
  • and to use all of them together with...
    • my new Marjolica e/s palette BR751
    • NYX e/s
  • practice using my new false eyelashes (still haven't got the hang of it after watching tonnes of Youtube vids - ever seen a "flutter, flutter, flutter... flies away"? - I think I have powerful eye lids or something)
  • spring clean and sell some of my unused goodies

I hope to get them all done sometime this year... bwahahaha...

on another note, am declaring a serious no-buy from here on out... *falls over laughing*

the rest of the NYX swatches…

ok… here’s a sad story… I wrote down all the names of the various e/s on a piece of paper… and that piece of paper has gone totally awol soon after I posted the earlier swatches… so… I’m left basically not really knowing what color goes with what swatch… and I’ve no time or energy to go through the whole lot again.

so Ann tells me to just go ahead and post the pics… so here they are…


*bang head*

I’ve posted this now four times… photobucket’s slide show eats up anything I have got to say after it… so I’m gonna say what I wanna say one last time here…

ok ok vent over… relax… deep breath…

my impressions of NYX e/s are that they are less pigmented than my normal mineral eye shadow. I had to swipe my brush over the e/s quite a few times to get the color intensity you see in the swatches. (ooo.. forgot to say that I used monistat as a base for all of them). In comparision to a Japanese brand like Marjolica, the texture wasn’t as soft and blendable… but I think that’s true of most brands when you compare them to japanese formulations.

Thinking a little more, I feel that using a darker, creamier base may make them work better and I will be trying that theory out sometime.

hope these swatches didn’t aggravate you too much cos of they’re lack of names… the colors are pretty.

Friday, May 08, 2009

More JH finds…

Japan Home is one of the shops that I’m always frightened/eager to visit… reason? inevitably I *will* find something that I itch to buy… sigh…

it was no different this visit…


aren’t they lovely… so pretty… so appropriate to add to my m/u area… prices were reasonable. From right to left – USD$5.10/$4.45/$3.16 (SGD$7.90/$6.90/$4.90)

I also found these cute *purple* sharpeners… the single one was a mere USD0.58/SGD0.90 while the double was USD$0.84/SGD$1.30.

DSC05500  DSC05498  

it was tempting… oh so very very tempting… but I resisted and held on to my “no buy”… after all, I already have a perfectly functioning storage system and a sharpener that is working very well for me. :P

BUT then, a good friend mentioned Cherryculture’s NYX 50% sale… eeeekkk!!! After much looking and “ahh…ing and oooo…ing”. Searched for swatches on different forums and blogs… honestly, Pursebuzz was the most horrid enabler… finally caved and placed an order for 3 more jumbo eye pencils… its a case of “gotta have them all!” Again, I restrained my urge to just order everything I didn’t already have… plus those lippies… *groan*… I was good… I was… *sobs*

The sale is only til the 15th and the code is NYX50… go! go! go!

Thursday, May 07, 2009


I am so sorry for the break in posting… got totally caught up with my new project and as usual, tuned everything else out.

Have to say that having the use of my dad’s car for 2 weeks was also a contributing factor. After all, if you get hold of a car, use it right?

So what did I do? Had lunch with several gfs (in various parts of the island), a lovely tea with my youngest coz (who’s soooo much taller than I am… and has grown up to be a hunk… *drool*… am I supposed to drool over my own coz? hmmm)and a looooong lunch with another cousin.

Here was one of my looks using TSS’s Ho Ho LE collection.


Monistat – base
NYX JEP in Yoghurt – lid
TSS Fleeced by Fairies (LE Ho Ho) – inner lid
TSS Goodness and Grace (LE Ho Ho) – outer lid/crease
TSS Lucky Charm (diamond dust) – outer v
TSS Makes Me Giggle (custom) – anything above the crease
MM liquid eyeliner in black

Brows – DM’s just browsing black

DSC05475 DSC05474

Lippie – SN’s Raindrops on Roses

DSC05482 DSC05485