Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Majolica Majorca Jewelling Eyes

Had to run down to central yesterday to post out some packages so decided to drop by Watsons on the way home.

MM just released this summer collection of e/s and I was hoping to take a closer look at it.


Top (left to right): VI782, RD784, PK785, GR780
Bottom (left to right): BL381, PK383, GD886, SV887

I only swatched VI782 and BL381 and then gave up. The colors just weren’t attractive enough for me to keep going. If you’d like to see the whole range swatched, drop by Iswii’s blog.

here’s the pics I took (VI782 on top)


the top left corner e/s was the most sparkly in each quad. According to the diagram, its supposed to be use to play up the middle of the lid and under the brow bone.

My cousin is going to Taiwan on Sunday and I was tempted to ask him to get me some but after seeing these swatches… well, I’m glad I don’t like them cos then I get to save some money. *big grin*