Saturday, July 18, 2009

Finally, oh, Finally… part 2

continuing on with the grab bag swatch collection


3rd row :

  • Naked Emperor – cool icy bright blue
  • Cancelled Clarity – medium satin blue
  • Winking Warlords – sparkly blue with black undertones
  • Make Some Noise – light medium blue with sparkle
  • Highest Society – blue toned purple

DSC08008 DSC08020DSC08043DSC08028

Final row :

  • Maniacal malice – don’t know how to describe this one
  • Wishing on Stars - *ditto*
  • Baddiest of Boys – seems to be a morph color. Looks one way in the bag but turns out completely different on the skin. Its kinda blue/green/purple/black. Hard to describe.
  • Happy Go Lucky – sigh… used up my color vocabulary


Well, that’s all folks… another swatch “to do” that I can cancel from my list. Let me know how many looks you’d like me to come up with from this collection and I’ll get to work. :P

I’ll leave you with a couple more random colorful swatch pictures. Hope you enjoyed this. :)


DSC08038DSC08018  DSC08021

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Finally, oh, Finally… part 1

Many many moons ago… I ordered and received TSS’ grab bag special.


It was shared with 3 other gals and the entire story of how it got split up was recorded here. Since then, I’ve not really been doing swatches but always have it at the back of my mind that these need to be swatched and used… soon.

So without further ado… here’s the swatches. Am gonna split the post into two parts because with all the pics, it gets a little long.

First up, an overview. It was a collection of 20 colors. Heather didn’t give any descriptions for these shades so color confused me came up with my own version. DSC08048_thumb[7]DSC08026_thumb[1]

1 row :

  • Fuzzy Peach – a matte peachy neutral
  • Steam Dream – kind of a frosty peach but with no glitter
  • The Doll House – icy satin pink
  • Faces of Eve – red toned light satin purple
  • Yummy Kisses – light satin peachy pink – looks like it’d make a nice blush or highlight or lipgloss


2nd row :

  • Frenzied Free Fall – almost matte taupe
  • Extreme Ribbons – darker taupe more satin
  • Sign of the Times – satin pink with a sligh blue tone
  • Ladies who Lunch – reddish purple
  • Built on Matchsticks – orange bronze. looks diff from diff angles

DSC08003_thumb[1] DSC08027_thumbDSC08028_thumb

*to be continued*

do remember that you can click on the pictures to see a bigger version. :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My everyday eotd look

I really don’t do fantastical eotds every single day. I don’t even wear makeup everyday. LOL! particularly so when I’m in a lazy mood or my kids’ work overwhelm my schedule.

So here’s what I normally do if I wanna just brighten up my eyes a little.

Both these two eotds were done using SilkMinerals eyeshadows. I tend to reach for those because they are gentler colors and easy to blend out. Plus I like the prices too so I’m not afraid to use them all up.

So my technique… or whatever you wanna call it is…

  • grab my monistat and blend that all over. I really do believe in using a base to protect my skin from the color I’m gonna put on top.
  • grab an eyeliner and color in half my lid. Or another way of describing that would be to draw a super thick line above my upper lashes.
  • using my finger I usually smudge that a little
  • grab my bigger Essence of Beauty crease brush and dip it into the e/shadow
  • pat the e/shadow onto the lid then blend it outwards and upwards to the brow bone. This is where Silkminerals e/shadow really works well. I can get a graduated shade that goes from opaque to sheer.
  • grab my eyeliner again and put a thin line on my upper lashes and on my upper waterline
  • mascara if I feel like it

SM’s spring green w L’oreal’s HIP liner in green

DSC07919 DSC07918

SM’s soft violet (LE shade) w Silkygirl’s funky eyeliner in Purple

this pic was taken after about 7 hours after application. Still looks pretty good in my opinion. :)

DSC07927 DSC07928

What’s your everyday look? Leave a comment and let me know. :D

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

LT’s raok

So my dear Vox friend (who has since moved to blogspot) had a giveaway in June and I won! :D

So here’s what I got :

1) a cute note… love the teeth LT!


an overview shot…


2 ) Liners

please note the black pen (middle right). I forgot to take a close up of it. :(

It was the Revlon Colorstay liner in blackest black. Its basically a felt tip pen liner. I was able to get both a super thin line and a thicker one rather easily.

Haven’t tried it on my eyes yet but will definitely get around to it :)


next was the Rimmel Exaggerate waterproof eye definer in purple shock. This is a red toned purple which I’m kinda iffy about trying on my eyes (I prefer cool tones). But I will and I will take pics too.

Its got a smudger tool at the end of it which is pretty soft when tested on my hand. Waiting to see what it will do on my eyes.

DSC07950  DSC07952   DSC07955   DSC07958

a sparkly liquid eyeliner by Dot Dot

wondering if I should try using this on top of #3.

DSC07973 DSC07974  

3) Lauress Revital-Eyes eye primer

the question is whether it will take the place of my beloved Monistat. :P stay tuned….


4) Eyeshadows

Revlon cream shadows – if I’m not wrong they’re from the Illuminance range and this is Precious Metals.

DSC07977 DSC07978 DSC07979  

EDM’s eyeshadows in OASIS and COOKIE SHEET

DSC07965  DSC07967 

Lauress’ Gem liner in Wicked



the left most swatch is…

5) Blush

Sonia Kashuk’s Beautifying Blush in Flamingo


6) last but not least…. another soap for me to try… don’t have to buy soaps for a while at the rate I’m going :)


this one smells rather nice although I don’t normally go for food scents. And Goat’s Milk should make a rather moisturizing bathtime :)


Thanks LT for all the goodies and apologies for the delay in getting this posted!! *hugs*

Sunday, July 12, 2009

TSS haul

So when Heather had that lovely sampler off recently, I just had to get it. So I plowed through her site, came up with a list of e/shadows that I just had to have and plunked down US$30.

The haul arrived… and here is the sampler set she sent. It was kinda disappointing as several of the e/shadows already have homes with me. I guess you’ll see them in future raoks or competitions (I’m thinking up a silly one).

30 pc sampler :


Cashmere Kiss – enlighten me, Blush and glow, cashmere stockings lvl 2, shards of glass, kaleidoscope sun glow, zest of one lemon


first class con, without wonder blush, finish it, personal best blush, moonlight whimsy, burned by the light


art of noise, morning dew, broken rules, convicted, copy cat queen, demon chatter


cashmere sun, free of history … err… forgot to take pics of these :P

I will get around to swatching these… I promise :P