Sunday, July 12, 2009

TSS haul

So when Heather had that lovely sampler off recently, I just had to get it. So I plowed through her site, came up with a list of e/shadows that I just had to have and plunked down US$30.

The haul arrived… and here is the sampler set she sent. It was kinda disappointing as several of the e/shadows already have homes with me. I guess you’ll see them in future raoks or competitions (I’m thinking up a silly one).

30 pc sampler :


Cashmere Kiss – enlighten me, Blush and glow, cashmere stockings lvl 2, shards of glass, kaleidoscope sun glow, zest of one lemon


first class con, without wonder blush, finish it, personal best blush, moonlight whimsy, burned by the light


art of noise, morning dew, broken rules, convicted, copy cat queen, demon chatter


cashmere sun, free of history … err… forgot to take pics of these :P

I will get around to swatching these… I promise :P


LT said...

Frond, too bad you got duplicates. Enjoy your haul! I did some TSS hauling too. I got the cream shadow which I posted pics on their site and right after that ordered more cream shadows. Have you tried? I'll review soon.

Frond said...

no I haven't tried their cream shadows but to be honest happy with my NYX jumbo eye pencils so won't be looking to spend more money :P

also avoiding the forum for similar reasons... its a horrid enabling place you know.

will be looking for your review tho'!

farrah said...

the sampler is exactly the same for me! finally got around to doing all my swatches too :)