Friday, June 11, 2010

totally random

Since I’m away enjoying the loveliness that is Melaka… I thought I’d share this with you…

Can you guess what this is?

DSC09264 DSC09265

gave you two pics so it might be a little clearer…



no prizes for correct answers though… maybe one if someone does guess correctly… A, you’re disqualified cos I already told u!











give up?

well, my littlest fell asleep on my lap one afternoon. And since I was rather comfortable I let him. When he finally awoke aboout 1.5 hrs later, this is what I found on my thigh. The imprint of his ear! Does the pic make sense now? *evil grin*

I tell ya, the things that this mummy takes pics of is crazy.

Do you take random weird pics? what are they about? I’d love to hear. :)

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Don’t you just love cashmere?

Hey everyone,

I know, I know, I’m on a major neutrals kick lately…. ah well. Guess its just trying to use something that will last the whole day without looking messed up after I’m done with chasing kids. Its the hols and this mummy is tired…

k… on with the EOTD for today… stash shopping again, this time trying *not* to use TSS at all… so here’s what I came up with.

From SilkNaturals website – description & swatches:

Dolce- copper brown shimmer- MAC Sweet Sienna clone

my thots : Love the ever so slight glitter in this e/s. And it does a fab job at defining my crease when I’m going for a ‘nude’ look.


Cashmere- shimmery nude pink

my thots : this is one of those colors I love using all over my lid. It brightens up my eyes and gives me a polished look without making me look ‘made up’. If that makes any sense whatsoever.


Monistat – all over eye area
NYX Jumbo eye pencil in yoghurt – on lid and smudged
SN’s Cashmere – patted on the lid and blended upwards til brow
SN’s Dolce – crease
Maybelline’s gel liner in brown – upper liner

DSC09316     DSC09311

I’ll be leaving on a road trip with my family and parents to Melaka this weekend so I’ll catch up with posts when I get back. I sure hope I can stop myself from buying a hundred and one things. Sigh. I know that getting my beaded sandals redone is definitely a must do. :D

Monday, June 07, 2010

My new favourite washing up toy…

Credit to

When L’oreal launched their new “Go 360deg Clean” in Jan this year, I was intrigued.

 credit to Nouveaucheap

The scrublet that came with it was just so interesting. I wanted to try it but refused to ante up the funds to buy the cleanser. I rarely change brands once I’ve found one that works for me.

So on a recent foray into Daiso – that gloriously horribly wonderful SGD2 store – I saw this. Yeah, I know I’m probably super late in getting one but here’s my review anyways. :P

This pic is from Mag @ MakeupStash. She reviewed it way back in Sept ‘09. *whispers… see how late I am??*

There was a newer version available close to the cashier but I chose this one cos I liked the tip on it that would enable me to get into the nooks and crannies of the nose area.

The way I use it is to apply my cleanser all over (after using a m/u remover to take off my eye m/u). I use my fingers to lightly massage it in then pick up my scrublet. With gently pressure, I go over all over my face. Including my eyes. The scrublet is soft enough to handle that area without pulling or tugging the delicate skin. Usually I pay extra attention to my crisis zones – nose and area around – and put a little more pressure there. I’ve never had irritated skin as a result of this.

For me, its proven to be a lovely light massaging tool that effectively clears my pores. Better than if I just used the cleanser solo. I can really see a difference in terms of how much junk is not in the pores. Even my ‘permanent resident’ blackheads have grown smaller and are much easier to squeeze out. My skin always feels cleaner… not squeaky clean but firm and clean. You really gotta try it to understand what I’m babbling about.

For $2, this is an invaluable tool that I’m not planning to do without. Already have plans to head down and get another one for my other toilet so I don’t have to go hunt it down whenever I change rooms.

Even got my hubby to try it and for once he’s willing to say “I use it every now and then”. Trust me, this is a guy who uses the same soap for his entire body and face! So I’m guessing he sees or feels some difference.

Let me know if you’ve tried this and what your experiences are with it… would love to hear about them!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Green Eyed Monster… NOT!

As someone who isn’t living in the great US of A, I frequently read about offers that are ever so tempting BUT only available ‘locally’.

It makes me soooo annoyed especially when my hopes go UP then come crashing down. Having blogs on my reader that descibe in gory detail how to get lippies at 50cts or looking at the gorgeous new collections available only statewide totally doesn’t help either.

Just as a for instance… ZOYA is having a nail polish exchange where you send in any old bottle of polish and get a brand new shade of your choice for US$3.50. Now how lovely is that? sigh… seriously, stateside gals, take up the offer. The colors look soooooo gorgeously bright and beautiful!

Yeah, I guess you could call me a sucker for punishment cos it doesn’t stop me from trying again and again OR drooling over images on my computer screen.

So I try to remind myself about…


which also brings to mind what my church is currently going through. (yeah, I know I don’t talk about religion here normally but its strange situation which I know that God will make right!)

So what’s in my m/u rainbows? well, here in Singapore we’ve got access to so many Asian brands. Particularly ones from Japan and Korea. I know that I’ve just jumped on the Korean bandwagon. Lovely shades of m/u at oh so affordable prices. And easily available either at shopping centres or online.

I’ve got a lovely neighbouring country with lots of local brands at lovely prices (especially if I get them during sales and a nice FX low). Sure am looking forward to heading there next week!

I have every freedom to live vicariously through other people and their wallets. In fact, if I got everything that I drooled over, I doubt I’d have the time/energy to actually use them all.

and last but not least, there are so many online communities here selling 2nd hand stuff. I tell ya, every weekend I’m trolling this particular group waiting to see if I can find any gems for sale. So far, I’ve bought OPI polishes and some other random m/u items. All at affordable prices. I’m happy although my wallet isn’t.

So I’ll count my rainbows and enjoy every moment and item I have.

What are the rainbows in your life?

Saturday, June 05, 2010

more from A Girl Like Me…

Wanted to play up A Girl Like Me more after using it as a blending color in the earlier eotd. Used a different color placement this time. Less of a smokey eye look. Photos were taken after a long day hence the slight clumping at the crease line, slight fall out below the eye and the shiny skin.


  • Monistat – all over eye base
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Yoghurt – all over lid smudged
  • TSS Beyond Skin Deep – patted on lid and as a highlight on brow bone
  • TSS A Girl Like Me – on the crease and up towards the brow bone
  • TSS Biggest Impact – used a small angled brush and drew in a darker line right at the crease and blended upwards
  • Majolica Majorca liquid liner in BL603 (blue)

DSC09005 DSC09004

Thursday, June 03, 2010

A Girl Like Me Click’ed with Fleeting Wisdom

So I thought I’d shop my stash for some neutrals. In particular, I looked for some browns.

The two darker browns were from one of the first e/s that I ever purchased from TheSheSpace. I think it was one of the collections from June 2008. I didn’t buy the whole collection of “A Stone’s Throw”. The two lighter colors are from the Live Inspired collection which dates back to Fall 2008. I have the entire collection of that and I think it marks the start of my TSS madness. :P

In particular, I absolutely love Beyond Skin Deep. Its the perfect neutral shade for my skin tone. Many times, I find myself wearing this color all over my eye area with just a colored liner for that bit of drama.


  • Monistat – all over base
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in French Fries – all over lid and smudged
  • TSS Fleeting Wisdom – patted on lid
  • TSS Click – used a crease brush to blend it upwards past the crease
  • TSS A Girl Like Me – to blend Click and Beyond Skin Deep together
  • TSS Beyond Skin Deep – highlight under the brow


and here are the e/s descriptions

Fleeting Wisdom - Darkest tree bark brown with flashes of sheer crystal twinkle

Click - Deep dark chocolate with hints of bronze and copper

A Girl Like Me - Sheer plum with a hint of cocoa and gold twinkle

Beyond Skin Deep - Velvety bisque with a hint of soft rose