Thursday, November 26, 2009

A call at 4am…

Ok, so here’s another total rant… stop reading here if you don’t wanna hear all about it and scroll down about a page to read about more fun stuff… two hauls!!!


I am soooo praying that this is just a STAGE in my eldest’s development. Been dealing with so many issue this past couple of weeks. Ranging from lying to stealing (well, according to him borrowing… but who borrows $100??) and now…

He spent the nite at my MIL’s. I went to bed forgetting to switch off my ringer on my handphone (this is my old set cos my new set won’t take photos and I had to send it in for servicing which is a whole ‘nother rant! *grrrrrrr*)

Woke up from a deep sound sleep by a very loud ringing phone. Picked up the call and was greeted by silence… lots of silence. Even with my repeated hullos… there was no reply… and then the call got disconnected. Given the number reflected by my caller id… the suspect list was really short… couldn’t be my MIL or my FIL… so only person left in the house… my son.

The call triggered one of the worst headaches I’ve had since getting preggy way back in 2001. It wasn’t an ache… but a throbbing pain echoing in my head. The kind that makes you wanna bang your head against something. So got up and popped in two panadols (paracetamol) and tried to go back to sleep.

Woke up late with the pain still there… mumbled some nonsense to my hubby over the phone (yeah, I know… same house and I can’t get my butt off my bed to go talk to him in person) and he coaxed me to go eat something so that he could give me a stronger painkiller afterwards. After breakfast, in went Ponstan, an antiacid and a muscle relaxant. All of which combined to make the pain more of a fuzzy interference in my head.

The meds have lasted quite a while and the pain hasn’t really returned… it more of a nagging ache now. Much easier to handle… just that I’m sensitive to sharp sounds. Sends an echo bouncing round my head. Sigh…


Anyways… on to more fun stuff… checked my mailbox…

*drum roll*

My package from LT was there… nice and fat… and so was my recent SN order. (no pics… cos no phone => no camera *sobs*)

*cartwheels around the room*

I <3 <3 getting packages in the mail!!!

opened LT’s first and here’s what she sent me (for pics, check out her post here -

  • SN perfecting powder (yippeeee I’m all out)
  • Revlon azure mist palette (been eyeing this in the stores but couldn’t bring myself to pay the price)
  • LA Splash liquid eyeliner in Blue Whale
  • EDM blush sample in Walkie Talkie
  • Body Shop blue and pink/peach e/s
  • Jessie’s Girl e/s in skywalker (can’t wait to try this one out!)
  • Ulta e/s in Truffle and Zephyr
  • Juice organics light tint moisturizer – sample size (ideal for my quick trip to Malacca coming soon)

Its been a while since I’ve gotten excited over m/u but getting my hands stuff I’ve been drooling over and itching to try… well, put it this way… pretty good chance I’ll be going out with my face done tomorrow. :D

Then I opened my second (smaller package).

*wanders off on a tangent*

You know how there are some companies that just give you such good service that you can’t stop buying from them? Well, I gotta say SilkNaturals is one of my all time fav m/u companies. Their customer service totally rocks! even when I had problems with shipping going awol, they made it up to me.

ok… so I placed an order to restock on perfecting powder, date bait, foundation (ebony, white and tried a packet of the new glow) and their new zinc powder. The way it works is that they give one free ‘surprise’ e/s and then with every $30 you get a e/s of your choice FOC.

well, I don’t like SN’s e/s… doesn’t suit my need for color *grin* but I DO like their lippies… so I added a note to my order asking if I could please change my free e/s to a lippie instead.

Surprise surprise… they not only sent my the freebie lippie I requested for but an extra one for good measure… and… I still got a free e/s thrown in.

The color I asked for was Fashionista… a nude wine shimmer vegan lipstick and I got Mirage (Ultra Nude Vegan Lip Gloss) as my extra. I have to say I wouldn’t have order Mirage on my own… but I can’t wait to see what it looks like on my lips and how it’d blend with other shades to make something special :)

So… the day started out bad and ended on a pretty upbeat note. Gotta stay thankful even on bad days, don’t you think?

stay cool everyone and Happy Thanksgiving for those of you who celebrate it.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A rant… a rave and…

some postive stuff first…

remember the lovely set from Crabtree and Evelyn that I got. Well, I’ve been using the hand therapy cream… really like the smell and how it feels on my hands.

I’ve never used a shea butter product before but I sure do like the way it gets absorbed into my skin and not leaving a residue behind. The tube sits on my computer table and I use it when I remember. I try to make sure to rub it into my cuticles too and my elbows.

On the whole, really liking this although I’m not sure if I’d buy if for myself. Still I have 2 tubes of it so it should last a long long time. :)

Been looking at the various holiday collections from mmu coys… tempting… oh so tempting but I’m staying strong… so far. I have put in an order with SilkNaturals for mre powders and foundie… in particular, gonna try out a more ‘glowy’ foundation. Can’t wait to see how that’s gonna turn out.

ok… really have to get this off my chest… totally not m/u related… but parents out there… help me out…

how do you keep your temper when dealing with a kid who doesn’t want to to do the work you set him? I’m clenching my teeth so much they ache and I think my blood pressure is sky rocketing. Seriously, 2 hours to do 1 problem sum question is totally nuts! I don’t really wanna ask my hubby for help cos his idea of help is the liberal use of Mr Cane. sigh…

Friday, November 20, 2009

prezzies… *big big grin*

so here’s what I got as some of my birthday prezzies…

from my darling hubby…


we found this at a shop at Parkway Parade. Looks like your normal choker but there’s a difference. Its magnectic beads… so you can come up with your own patterns for usage. Thing is that they do tend to stick to each other so it can get pretty messy.


Here’s a simple necklace I came up with and…


a cool bracelet.

He also found this while looking around at Guardian…

I’ve been looking for a nice shady sunhat for quite a while now. Need to hide my skin from the hot noon day sun as I bike around sending/picking kids.

DSC08331 DSC08330

Needless to say, I bought it in purple… I’ve tried it and it does a fabulous job of shading. No sunrays are able to get at my face. YAY!

what I especially like about this is that it rolls up easily into this…


which is small enough to go into my handbag or pocket. See the black elastic band that holds everything together? Japanese really know how to make things usable but oh so convenient.

Plus this is machine washable and according to the japlish description, protects against UV. So all in.. it was a lovely prezzie that has been used regularly.

Then from one of the sweetest gals I know… who spoils me silly… came this…


The flowers were buds when I got them and this is three days later… beautiful beautiful purple and white blossoms. I’ve no idea what the name of the flowers are and if you do recognise them, please let me know. I love them to pieces.

The red rose (still in its protective wrap) was from my hubby yesterday… he’s a sweetheart of a guy!

On top of the flowers, she gave me…

DSC08327  DSC08328 

from Crabtree and Evelyn…. my favourite color and my one of my favourite scents.


Can’t wait to use the shower/bath gel in my bathtub. LOL! the hand therapy cream is already on my hands… *giggle*


side note : I’m discovering that extracting the memory card from my SE901 phone is… to put it mildly… a PITA!!!!!!! will try to get used to it so I do get some blog posts out but do excuse me if it gets more text heavy at some point.

til next time.. have a lovely purple day…. *big grin*

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

been a while …

*crossed posted on Nov 6 at Fr0nd's makeup madness*

its been a while... I know... call it a blogging dry zone or whatever you wish...

anyways just dropped by to describe what has to be my bestest birthday ever!

hubby took off (as usual) to spend the day with me... kid free!!!!! yipppee!!! now that has to be a prezzie in itself!

we went for breakfast at Carls' Jr (food wasn't really worth the trip), walked on the beach (one of my favourite places), wandered around Parkway Parade, picked up a funky magnectic bead accessory/game thingy... I've got pics just trying to figure out how to upload them... got a new SE C901 handphone to replace my dying SE K810... ate a free sundae at Swensen's then headed home for some good quality time in the bedroom playing with some new adult toys *evil grin*

In the evening, he brought me for some comfort food at a Taiwan porridge restaurant near our place then picked all the kids up and went home happy.

When my youngest saw me, he reached up to plant a kiss on my cheek and said "Mummy, I love you". That's the first time he's EVER said that... super super super touched....

Then for dinner last night, my mom cooked all my favourite foods... yum yum yum. Next was a huge layercake (kueh lapis) with ONE candle on top. (my kids blew it out!) Plus loads of Haagen Daz ice cream (Belgium and Midnite Cookies and Cream). I ate til my tummy was sooo round - almost looked like I was preggy again. LOL!

I'm a gal who is rather high maintenance in terms of attention and time spent so I really got my love tank totally filled up. Haven't been this happy for a looooong while to be honest. But really content, satisfied and counting my blessings cos I'm truly blessed!

2 SN Perfecting glow swatches

This is done especially for Ann… who is currently filling up my order with more ‘wants’. LOL!

The swatches are done w a ‘heavy’ finger tip.. too lazy to go get my brushes… and the photos really don’t do justice to how pretty and subtle these glows are.

on the right is SN splendid perfecting glow.

Splendid is our clone of Bare Escentual's Flawless Radience All Over Face Color.  It's a creamy white tone with just a hint of golden pearl.  It gives the most gorgeous flawless, luminous, dewy finish.  There is some glow to it, but on this one it's really not over the top- just dust a little on your cheeks, chin and forehead for a youthful dewy look.

my description – erm… it looks silvery whitish to me but just a nice silvery glow when brushed lightly on… particularly good for the inner corners of the eyes :)

on the left is SN crystal perfecting glow.

Pefecting Glows are a cross between our regular Perfecting Powder and a Glow- they're very closely related to Bare Escentual's Radiance powders and give your skin a nice healthy look.  There is a good amount of silica in it which is going to help control oil, and hide pores.  Crystal is our clone to BE's Clear Radiance- BUT without the chunks of gold glitter.  It does have a slightly irridescent golden pink sheen, and looks gorgeous on light skin tones.  You could use this all over your face, or just to highlight- it applies easily with just a regular kabuki brush.

my description – more of a pinkish glow. love layering this on top of blushes or as a light brow highlight.

Personally I like both… very subtle ‘glow’ when applied with a big face brush… love using them as a brow highlight as well especially when I’m doing more everyday/neutral looks. Also adds a little something special if layered on top of blush/eye shadow.

DSC08313 DSC08319DSC08321