Tuesday, November 17, 2009

been a while …

*crossed posted on Nov 6 at Fr0nd's makeup madness*

its been a while... I know... call it a blogging dry zone or whatever you wish...

anyways just dropped by to describe what has to be my bestest birthday ever!

hubby took off (as usual) to spend the day with me... kid free!!!!! yipppee!!! now that has to be a prezzie in itself!

we went for breakfast at Carls' Jr (food wasn't really worth the trip), walked on the beach (one of my favourite places), wandered around Parkway Parade, picked up a funky magnectic bead accessory/game thingy... I've got pics just trying to figure out how to upload them... got a new SE C901 handphone to replace my dying SE K810... ate a free sundae at Swensen's then headed home for some good quality time in the bedroom playing with some new adult toys *evil grin*

In the evening, he brought me for some comfort food at a Taiwan porridge restaurant near our place then picked all the kids up and went home happy.

When my youngest saw me, he reached up to plant a kiss on my cheek and said "Mummy, I love you". That's the first time he's EVER said that... super super super touched....

Then for dinner last night, my mom cooked all my favourite foods... yum yum yum. Next was a huge layercake (kueh lapis) with ONE candle on top. (my kids blew it out!) Plus loads of Haagen Daz ice cream (Belgium and Midnite Cookies and Cream). I ate til my tummy was sooo round - almost looked like I was preggy again. LOL!

I'm a gal who is rather high maintenance in terms of attention and time spent so I really got my love tank totally filled up. Haven't been this happy for a looooong while to be honest. But really content, satisfied and counting my blessings cos I'm truly blessed!