Thursday, January 29, 2009

A fresh fruity look

Got totally inspired by FaceFab’s e/s look today… so decided to copy it using my new Poppy colors from SilkMineral.


I didn’t have the melon color, E used so I mixed up my own…

Monistat – base
NYX JEP in Yoghurt – all over lid, smudged up to crease

now it gets a little complicated…

SM Lemon – inner 1/2 lid
SM Yellow Pearl – inner 1/3 lid over the lemon
SM Orange – outer 1/2 lid
SM Pomegrate – outer 1/3 lid over the orange + up into the crease
SM Pink Pearl – crease
SM H Copper – highlight
MM eyeliner in black – upper lid

DSC04408 DSC04405 DSC04409

so FaceFab… pass or fail? :P

It’s been an EPIC journey…

this is totally non m/u related but…

a long long long time ago, I asked a girlfriend to help me finish a cross stitch project I started when I was preggy with #1! Something I never did finish… *blush* It sat in my cupboard for almost about four years before I passed it to her.

so… three kids later… here’s what I found in my mailbox today…


I love this design… all the details captured in the animal’s expressions and their interactions with each other

now to ante up for the framing… wonder what my kids will think of this…

thank you thank you thank you… you know who you are… for all the hours and hours and hours of work put into this. Its just simply amazing. I’m sooooo blessed to have a friend like you!

here's her slideshow on how this got completed... its been a marathon for her!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hair Protein aka Silk Protein – a review

Hair protein from Silk Mineral is a wonderful addition to my shampoo. I'm using Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo and while I like it lots (really does a great job cleaning my hair, clears up my oily scalp problem, smells so refreshing), I always needed to use conditioner afterwards cos it was too drying for my hair cuticles. (and I really dislike conditioners!... icky feeling... bleh)

Enter the Hair Protein... and bingo, my hair is soft and managable in just one step. Here's some stuff I found about it

Silk protein
Is from the center of the silk worm yarn. After special technical processing the center becomes silk protein.

Apply Silk Protein to Skin
This product is dissolvable silk protein. It can be absorbed directly by the human skin. It can combine with the skin cell to revitalize the skin. It is the most advanced unique nutritive material for skin and hair products in the current international market.

Silk protein is a natural moisturizer and adjusts the moisture in the skin to maximum benefit. It can make the skin cutin and keep rich moisture to make the skin more elastic. It also can effectively control growth of melanin in the skin. So it has fantastically good results for skin beautification.

Apply silk protein to hair
After silk protein on the hair dries, it becomes a transparent crystalline protective film. This film can directly prevent the hair being damaged by alkaline materials in hair products. This protective film can increase the hair elasticity and increase the hair’s natural shine. It has a very special protective function in hair products.

And here's a before/after from another happy user (please click on the pics for a clearer, sharper image)


It does take a little effort to use. For me, I use a sauce plate and pour out the powder/caked up powder from the bag. Then I add some of my shampoo and start stirring, adding more as I go along. Once it starts to get slower to dissolve, I pour some of the ‘treated’ shampoo into the bottle and add more ‘non treated’ shampoo to the plate. I continue doing this til all the powder has been dissolved. Then I pour it all into my smaller shampoo bottle and top up from the big one. A quick shake and its all nicely mixed up and ready to use.

Changes to the shampoo include a darkening of the color and a more gel like consistency. But nothing that hinders the performance of the shampoo.. in fact, it goes up a notch or two in terms of treating my hair.

On the whole, I think its really worth trying out.. only SGD6.20 for 4 sachets of 1 tsp each. Pretty inexpensive to be honest and makes a world of difference to your hair!

A Rainbow eye and a pink/blue eotd - Silk Minerals

ok. so got the samples and was asked to try them out… so since I am trying to work off my CNY gorging, I decided to that this afternoon.

Both eotds were done very roughly… only for ‘experimental’ purposes. Colors went on really easily and blended together smoothly. Love working with SM’s e/s, they make application so simple.

Would love comments on the color combinations and how they work on my eyes. I’m kinda sitting on the fence on the pink/blue one at the moment…

I prefer this rainbow look to the previous one I did. I think dropping the pink in the middle works better.


Monistat – base
NYX JEP in Yoghurt and Horse Radish – 1/2 lid each, smudged upwards
from left to right - SM Orange, SM Lemon, SM Green Apple, SM Blueberry
MM liquid eyeliner in black
SM Grape as bottom liner

DSC04361 DSC04360 DSC04362

Monistat – base
NYX JEP in Pacific
SM Pomegranate – all over lid
SM Blueberry – outer 1/3 and crease
SM Grape – outer v + crease – using smaller brush
SM Grape – applied dry as liner – both upper and lower


DSC04366 DSC04367

and here’s both my eyes…




Silk Mineral’s POPPY collection

I’ve been looking at Silk Mineral’s POPPY collection for a while now. The bright colors really attracted my attention. Anyways, finally put in an order for a full set of samples plus 5 freebies that I won by posting an eotd on SingaporeMotherhood’s forum.

The colors did not disappoint when I swatched them…


Strawberry is pinker (more reddish tones) than Pomegranate which is more berryish is tone than pink.

and here are the 5 freebies I chose from the STARLIGHT collection

These are lovely irridescent colors. The difference I can see between the H and S is the level of glitter/sparkle. For instance, S Violet really catches the light and sparkles. H Violet, on the other hand, seems to shimmer and shine from within. More like a glow than a sparkle. I can easily imagine using S Violet on top of a purple for extra sparkle.

Spent the morning looking at my hand and thinking up possible combinations… will do up some eotds soon.

btw, J (and you know who you are), feel free to copy the pics :) I’ve watermarked them now. LOL!

Cross posting from blogspot

I’ve kinda decided to cross post at blogspot too… easier for some of my friends to comment and anyways I’m using Windows Live Writer (thanks Ann!) to post onto Vox and hence prevent myself from more “vox”ation…

so… if you’re on blogspot… feel free to add me. I’m at Frond’s Fun with Colors

Julia's got the list but cynthia skipped one turkey trotting! - Ho Ho collection

Monistat - base
NYX JEP in Yoghurt - all over lid, smudged up to crease
TSS One Turkey Trotting - all over lid
TSS Julia's got the list - outer 1/3 lid + crease
TSS Cynthia skipped a dip - outer V + crease - using a smaller crease brush
TSS Elves in the Chimney on top of NYX JEP in Blackbean - liner
TSS Tied up in Tinsel - highlighter



Monday, January 26, 2009

Can't hide from chaos even with a pinch of magic - purples

Monistat - base
NYX JEP in Oyster (light purple) - all over lid, smudged to crease
TSS Pinch of Magic - all over lid
TSS Can't Hide from Karma - outer 1/3 + crease
TSS Symphony of Chaos - outer v + crease - using a smaller crease brush
TSS Misty Maiden - highlight
Majolica Majorca liquid e/liner in black then topped w Symphony of Chaos
no mascara




this look was for church on Sunday... just felt like wearing purple on my eyes even though it didn't match my clothes... LOL!

Monday, January 19, 2009

you can be a moth with the biggest impact - LE Live Inspired

Monistat - base
NYX JEP in Yoghurt - lid, smudged up to crease
TSS Moth to a flame - all over lid
TSS You can be Anything - outer 1/3 + crease
TSS Biggest Impact - outer V + crease - using a smaller brush
Majolica Majorca liquid e/liner in black
no mascara



this was a greyish look... darker than this one basically cos it was for dinner at my mom's.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Fabulous Girl like Me Hogged the Nog

Monistat - base
NYX in Yoghurt - all over lid, smudged upwards to crease
TSS Who Hogged the Nog - highlight and all over lid
TSS A Girl Like Me - outer 1/3 lid + crease
TSS All for Fabulous - outer v + crease - I used a smaller crease brush for this to create a thinner line
Majolica Majorca liquid e/liner in black
Mascara - some Maybelline one



A super neutral eye today as I was wearing a bright red top! That was enough of a statement so kept everything else in the background. Lips were SN's Rare Berry... a nice darkish red

Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Sweet Ruler of the Land really needs some Mesh & Lace to escape the Root of Evil.

Ok.. so that was a really long title for this eotd... but hey, putting names together is rather fun! :P

so here's what I used. Placements will be described in the pic tute... if you bother to read that far:

NYX JEP in Pacific
NYX JEP in Cottage Cheese
NYX JEP in Blackbean
TSS Mesh and Lace
TSS Ruler of the Land
TSS Root of Evil
TSS Sweet like Sugar
TSS Lucifer's Chariot

with flash


without flash


and here's the tute... (for pics of the brushes used, please go HERE)

Start with a smidgen of monistat on each eye - didn't bother to take pics cos it just looks like normal skin. Next, cover the lid up to the crease with NYX JEP in Pacific. Draw a thick line of NYX JEP in Cottage Cheese just under the brows.


then blend the Cottage Cheese downwards to meet with the Pacific.


Next pat Mesh and Lace on the inner 2/3s of the lid. I used my Loew-Cornell Maxine Mop #270.


then Ruler of the Land on the outer 2/3 overlapping w the Mesh and Lace in the middle. Same brush.


Using the Essence of Beauty larger crease brush in a windshield wiper motion, brush up to the crease area using Ruler of the Land.


I switched to the smaller Essence of Beauty crease brush and applied Root of Evil in the outer corner and a little into the crease. I used the point of the brush and placed it into my outer corner then rolled it up into the crease (not a back and fro motion)... hard to explain really but it gets the effect I like.


A thin layer of Sweet as Sugar was applied using Loew-Cornell blender mop #276.


If you've noticed, I haven't done any blending apart from what the brushes do when I apply the colors. Now, I grab my newest favourite blending brush, the EDM eye buki, and sweep that over my eye from outer corner inwards. With each sweep, I clean it off on my microfibre cloth so the colors don't get muddied.


Using the smaller crease brush again, I apply Sweet like Sugar on the tearduct area. On the lower lash line starting from the inner corner, Sweet like Sugar, Mesh and Lace, Ruler of the Land, Root of Evil.


Penultimate step is to apply Blackbean using my Beauticontrol brush. (forgot to take pics at this point.) Followed by patting in Lucifer's Chariot using SN's Ultimate brush - the liner side.


Finish off with Mascara if you want. Me... I'm too lazy and I'm only going to my mom's after all... *grin*

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial... let me know if you'd like to see more :)