Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hair Protein aka Silk Protein – a review

Hair protein from Silk Mineral is a wonderful addition to my shampoo. I'm using Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo and while I like it lots (really does a great job cleaning my hair, clears up my oily scalp problem, smells so refreshing), I always needed to use conditioner afterwards cos it was too drying for my hair cuticles. (and I really dislike conditioners!... icky feeling... bleh)

Enter the Hair Protein... and bingo, my hair is soft and managable in just one step. Here's some stuff I found about it

Silk protein
Is from the center of the silk worm yarn. After special technical processing the center becomes silk protein.

Apply Silk Protein to Skin
This product is dissolvable silk protein. It can be absorbed directly by the human skin. It can combine with the skin cell to revitalize the skin. It is the most advanced unique nutritive material for skin and hair products in the current international market.

Silk protein is a natural moisturizer and adjusts the moisture in the skin to maximum benefit. It can make the skin cutin and keep rich moisture to make the skin more elastic. It also can effectively control growth of melanin in the skin. So it has fantastically good results for skin beautification.

Apply silk protein to hair
After silk protein on the hair dries, it becomes a transparent crystalline protective film. This film can directly prevent the hair being damaged by alkaline materials in hair products. This protective film can increase the hair elasticity and increase the hair’s natural shine. It has a very special protective function in hair products.

And here's a before/after from another happy user (please click on the pics for a clearer, sharper image)


It does take a little effort to use. For me, I use a sauce plate and pour out the powder/caked up powder from the bag. Then I add some of my shampoo and start stirring, adding more as I go along. Once it starts to get slower to dissolve, I pour some of the ‘treated’ shampoo into the bottle and add more ‘non treated’ shampoo to the plate. I continue doing this til all the powder has been dissolved. Then I pour it all into my smaller shampoo bottle and top up from the big one. A quick shake and its all nicely mixed up and ready to use.

Changes to the shampoo include a darkening of the color and a more gel like consistency. But nothing that hinders the performance of the shampoo.. in fact, it goes up a notch or two in terms of treating my hair.

On the whole, I think its really worth trying out.. only SGD6.20 for 4 sachets of 1 tsp each. Pretty inexpensive to be honest and makes a world of difference to your hair!