Monday, May 31, 2010

a little bit of this, a little bit of that

The problem with having a little girl in the house is that she loves to get into my makeup zone. And what does she do there… well, make a mess of things. What did you expect?

Its fine *if* she’s under supervision… if she’s not… all sorts of things happen.

credit to

Just as a quick example that happened last night, I went to wash up for bed and found… wet powder residue all over my sink area! my swirly bowl was wet and right side up near the sink (not where I usually leave it upside down) and the pot of powder… well, it was empty and had little drops of water running around inside. It looked kinda like this…

credit to

The nice thing to note is that I finally have proof first hand that mineral makeup is waterproof! everything was running on top of everything else. Rather fun to watch actually.

So this morning, I sat down and mixed up a new batch of powder to put in my freshly washed powder pot… here’s my recipe for now…

1.5 tsps of SilkNatural’s Date Bait powder
1 tsp of SilkNatural’s Perfecting Powder
.5 tsp of SilkNatural’s Zinc finishing powder
.5 tsp of Coastal Scents’ silica powder

Mix it all up and here’s what you get…


Let me give you the rationale behind this blend. I, personally, find the perfecting powder by itself a little too plain. I wanted a little hint of color to even out some skin tones hence the addition of Date Bait.

Date Bait, by itself, on my skin is way too dark (I’m a NC20 I think) but blended into together with the other powders, I get a subtle almost pinky cream shade.

The Zinc finishing powder is for sun protection plus I find it really makes the powder feel quite a bit smoother. Seems to go on better somehow. Hard to quantify but hey even if it doesn’t really do anything in terms of texture, I rest easier knowing I’ve got an additional amount of sun protection. :P

Silica… hmm, at one stage there was sooo much talk about silica. Basically, I’m using it for the oil control and simply to use up the huge bottle I bought from Coastal Scents a long time ago. Once I run out, this ‘ingredient’ will likely get dropped from my list unless I decide to buy some from SilkMineral, which would cut down my shipping cost and time.

To use, I just shake some out into my swirly bowl, add a little SilkNaturals glow if I think I need the extra boost, swirl my EDM long handled Kabuki through it and apply on my face.

I love using SilkNatural’s powders… they give me a nice even finish and seems to ‘blurrify’ my pores a little. I like being able to mix things up til I get the ‘perfect’ combination for me. Its a little bit of effort but oh so worth it. And I love the price tag on them too. :)

Am contemplating purchasing a bb powder pact to use while I’m on the go. Again, the sun protection is a major factor for me… but then again, who am I kidding, I *never* touch up once I’m out the door… excuses, excuses…

What face powders do you use? and why do you like them? let me know ok?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

RIP Gary Coleman

Different Strokes was a big part of my growing up years especially while in the USA. Gary made me laugh. I miss the series and I’ll miss his “watcha talkin’ about”.

I can still sing this theme song… can you?

Computer down…. Computer up…

heya everyone,

I managed to publish the last post from a friend’s computer. And got my hubby to help with figuring out what happened to mine. Well, my computer needed some new parts. Specifically a new graphics card. *sigh* so after spending some moolah… I’m back online and gonna start blogging again :)

Its been a super busy week. Had a conference I was attending. Got inspired and renewed thanks to good speakers and a wonderful hubby who watched over my kiddos for two days so I could indulge in some brain overload. There are so many times when I really need to be reminded of how blessed I am to have a man who’s supportive, loves me a whole lot and is willing to do what it takes to take care of me.

The ‘nice’ thing about the conference, makeup-wise, was that it gave me a chance to try out a sample of BB cream that I had bought. Look out for my review sometime soon. Short version… Skin79’s VIP Gold Super+ Beblesh Balm SPF25 PA++ is a winner in my book. *big grin*

Just a little more randomness, realised during this break that I really do blog just for me. Was upset a few weeks ago that no one seemed to be commenting and I had no way of knowing exactly who was reading what I babble about. But it really doesn’t matter. This is my place to say what I feel like saying and share what I’m interested in. That’s enough reason for it to exist. :P

til my next post… cya all! and if you are reading, let me know by “following” me please. I do like to keep up with both online and offline friends :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

An old familar favourite…

Thought I’d just post up a quick NOTD… this was an old favourite shade from Revlon. I remember sitting in the back of the class and painting my nails this color. :D yeah, I wasn’t the best student in the world. The amazing thing is that my lecturers didn’t seem to mind the nail salon that regularly appeared at the back of tutorial rooms.   


This is Revlon’s Copper Glaze Platinium. From what I’ve read, it debuted in 1976. Now that’s a long time for a nail color to be around.

I’d call it a champagne colored nude. Very suitable for offices and work. All I know is that this color is one of my all time favourites and I was glad to see it on sale in ParksonGrand (JB) last December.

Here’s another look found on flickr

What are some of your favourite nail colors?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

its gonna be slow...

ok, gals, I've got drafts lined up to fill in and post BUT they're on my desktop computer... and its decided to stop talking to the monitor... or maybe its the other way round... I dunno. Regardless, I can't get my grubby hands on them and I dunno how to link my phone w my macbook so... I'm kinda stuck for now. Not a good place to be but...

so until I get stuff back to working order, its gonna be quiet here. When I do get back, I've got a couple of nail polish posts, eotds and some reviews...

bye for now... but not for long... I hope

Friday, May 07, 2010

A doggy post…

This is *not* a beauty related post… so stop reading now if that’s what you’re looking for!

Had a couple of friends who were wondering about the reference to dogs in my previous post, Who let the dogs out.

well, the short answer is Dayna made a set of mineral e/s specially for one of the Voxers and named them after her dogs. So Scully, Jack, Popo and Gigi are all dogs. Gettit?

Speaking of dogs… my mafia wars clan on facebook is having a ‘family feud’. So my team, the Monkey Junkies, is up against the Toto’s Terrors… the sheer amount of trash talking via pictures on my clan’s public FB page is amusing… here’s a link if you wanna have a look.

Here’s one in particular that totally amused me.

and finally to wrap up this doggy post… here’s a cute smiling dog! He makes me wanna smile right back at him.

Til next time… WOOF!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Starburst copied…

First time I saw the video tutorial for this look, I said ‘too bright’ and ‘pink… ewwww!’ But the look stayed in my head for more than a week and I started to try and figure out how I could copy it. Why? well, just cos it’d be something I’ve never done before.

First up, what to use? minerals? or one of my palettes? Minerals was my first choice so I started swatching…

Now although I know I don’t normally buy yellows or pinks much less reds… I plowed through my collection of minerals and turned up with these red/pinks…

  • Beauty from the Earth Rasberry
  • SilkMinerals Strawberry
  • SilkMinerals Pomegranate
  • TSS Vampires Tap Dancing (LE Storybook)
  • Aromaleigh lookinforakiss
  • Aromaleigh peony



nice pinks, not reds, but to me, they looked a little too blue for the eotd I was going for… still looking for that elusive red…

finding yellows was equally challenging…

DSC08938 DSC08940

do you see a problem? I did… no really pure yellow yellows. more golds and bronzey golds. Sigh…

I finally resorted to following VoT’s suggestions on using the 88 matte palette and 120 palette. And here was what I came up with… only thing I left out was the false eyelashes.

  • Monistat – base
  • NYX jumbo eye pencil in strawberry milk
  • from the 88 matte palette – pink, red and white
  • from the 120 palette – yellow
  • Majolica Majorca liquid liner in black
  • Maybelline mascara

DSC08968 DSC08964

So do you think I got close enough to my target? let me know.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

SilkNaturals 2010 Spring Colors

Gorgeous spring colors from SilkNaturals


Mystery Adventure Club.. who doesn’t like a mystery? I sure do! I love surprises too… Karen promises for a one time payment of US$37.95 (int’l)/US$34.95 (US), you’ll get three lovely shipments over 3 months. Each shipment will have GWP products worth a minimum of US$12. You could anything ranging from eye shadows to skin care products. So if you’d like to add more excitement in life, consider signing up for this club.

The eye shadows are so vibrant looking. Different from the ‘usual’ range SN offers. Karen says its because her intern, Thea, designed most of them this time. I’m tempted… very tempted but have never really liked the texture and color payoff of SN e/s. I like bright colors and SN til now didn’t have them. But now… oh deary me… I so need help in not pressing that “add to cart” button.

I’m oh so tempted to pick up the two new lippies, Best Friend and Truly. They look so fun! and I’ve always loved SN lippies and their prices too.

As with my eyeshadows (but to a much lesser degree), I have more than enough lippies already… all except two are from SN.

Decisions… decisions… decisions… I hate making them! and I think I’m going through major haulage withdrawal symptoms… I really gotta stop looking at websites… but don’t let me stop you from shopping… *evil grin*

Monday, May 03, 2010

So long… Farewell…

Those who have followed me for a while know I LOVE TheSheSpace (TSS) eyeshadows. They’re affordable. They’re colorful. AND Heather always seems to come up with new collections.

Well, the sad news is TSS is closing down.

*universal sobs*

The good news is that Heather’s made one last collection to say “bye bye”. Here’s what she had to say…

As we near the end of the About Face Eye Colors division of my company and prepare to kiss these colors good-bye in order to make room for Hope Quest, I simply couldn't make the transition to Hope Quest and the other surprises coming without one last collection! So, I took little pieces of things that life has taught me over the last several years and turned it into one more BOLD collection!!!
I hope that you are as excited as I am for the next phase of this color endeavor and all of the great things that I pray Hope Quest will bring!
You will notice that the individual jars for this collection are $3.00....that is because they are brand spanking new, never been seen last hurrah colors....and I sincerely hope that you enjoy them!

Fortune Cookie Wisdom has a rather large range of colors all with fortune cookie style names like “hindsight sheds light” and “give dreams light”.

(images from

They are only available in full sizes but at USD3 a pot… its still very affordable.

Now for the $100 question… am I gonna buy them. Simple answer is no. I like the colors… oh yes, I do!! BUT I still have over 400 of her colors in sample sizes that I haven’t used up yet… not one!! can you imagine?

I don’t need full size pots sitting around… *shudder* even though, I *know* they’re mineral and will last and last and last… I may get on the TSS forums and beg for samples though. *giggle*

Should I or should I not… hmmm… that is the $1000 question! Let me know what you think. :P

*edited to add* hmm.. I just noticed the Scorpio (I'm one) collection is up for clearance... if she still sold sample sizes, I'd be really tempted but...

Sunday, May 02, 2010

TheFaceShop nail polish in PP408

I’ve been on a little nail spree lately… bought three new colors from TheFaceShop at sgd2.90 each. Much as I like OPI colors… this is soooo much more affordable, don’t you think?

Anyways, to get things started, here’s a color that I’ve been wanting to get for the longest time… a light cream lilac shade. Gorgeousness… just looking at my fingers makes me happy :D


My camera just doesn’t catch the color correctly… :( so I’ve ‘borrowed a pic from mymakeupmania… it shows the color tonnes more accurately! Its just the bottle that’s different.


Tried taking the picture again under different lighting… along with a drink that has been a favourite since childhood… F&N Groovy Grape.

There’s a story behind this drink…


when I was 4, I was a really vain little girl. I wanted pierced ears. I begged and I begged and I begged and finally my mom brought me to an old chinese goldsmith shop. Now, in those days, they didn’t have the nifty ear gun that they do now. It was a sterilised needle, a piece of ginger and sheer man power! Honestly, I shudder just thinking of it now. But beauty comes with a price right?

So the needle went in and I yelled… hardly surprising huh? the answer was a nice bottle of F&N Grape (it wasn’t groovy then *giggle*). I drank it all down and was ready for the next ear.

2 ears pieced + two bottles of F&N Grape drunk = a very happy little 4 year old girl

my kids drink this now while I’m finding it too sweet… for the pic above I ‘borrowed’ my little girl’s can.

Til the next post… stay groovy!