Wednesday, May 07, 2008

After more thought, I've decided to move this makeup blog to

I really hope to see you there!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Quiet weekend

Its been a quiet weekend spent with the kids. No m/u to speak off except for Saturday's (which I'll post tomorrow).

Been spending my time trying to organise my TSS samples both what I have and what I hope to have. Copied all the pics from the website so I could print them out for my quick reference. Have an idea on how I'll sort my lil'baggies of piggies out... if it works, then I'll share.. if not... *grin*

Tried to use the business card holder idea but frankly, having to slot the baggies in and out was a major pain for me. Guess I'm too lazy? cos others seem to have no problems.

Just curious to know how the rest of you sort/keep/organise your sample baggies? Please share.

thanks ever so much!

Friday, May 02, 2008

ETOD May 2nd

SN Bare - inner 2/3 of lid
SN Chocolate Twinkle - outer 1/3 of lid
SN Vanilla - highlight
Lum Moondance - liner

I quite like this look... the natural look of the browns with the 'pop' of color. Its something I'll probably do again and again for day time outings.

Giving Luminere e/s a try again this time using Monistat as a primer. I got a feeling that I'll still have that smudgy line near my crease at the end of the day.. but we'll see. I'll try take a pic if it does happen. :)

ETOD May 1st

TSS Storybook love - all over the lid, wore it for a while and decided it was too pink so...
TSS Risky Behaviour (wet) - all over the lid
TSS Symphony of Chaos - outer corner <>
TSS Lucky Charm - liner
TSS Moonlight Whimsey - highlighter

This turned out way darker than the photos show... kinda like a purple smokey eye. To me, it made my eyes look bigger even with glasses on. Probably something I'd try again.