Thursday, January 12, 2012

Silky Soft Hair

Almost 3 years ago, my girlfriend brought in this new product called Miracle Protein. She talked to me about it but I really wasn't impressed... then she sent me a sample to try... nothing to lose right? I popped it into my favorite shampoo and gave it a go. To my surprise, it really did work! How?
  • no need for conditioner... shampoo it in... leave for about 10 secs or as long as you can... then rinse off... (I normally shampoo first... then using the Healing Soap, wash everything else, then my face... then rinse off everything... definitely more than a 10 second affair *grin*)
  • leaves hair silky soft and smooth... well, my hair isn't frizzy to begin with but with this, I don't get knots or tangles either
  • provides some protection against UV rays - don't really understand this point but hey, its good right?
  • keeps the hair healthy... protects against drying - this is especially true when I go swimming. You know how chlorine just kills the hair right? makes it all dry and coarse and yucky. Well, after a swim trip, I normally add a little more silk into my shampoo and within one or two days, my hair is back to its normal silky self... *happy*
  • no split ends! about a year and half ago, I started growing my hair out... and didn't cut it for about year as well. I expected to have split ends galore... but surprisingly, I didn't. My hair stayed healthy looking and even my hair stylist was surprised when I finally reappeared for a trim. 
  • thicker hair - after close to three years of usage, I'm kinda thinking if my seemingly thicker hair is due to my constant usage of miracle protein... kinda makes sense right? if the hair roots are getting fed good stuff everytime I shampoo, the new hair should grow out stronger and healthier.
  • doubles up as a hair mask... if I'm taking a nice hot bath in my tub, I'd mix up a batch of extra strong shampoo + silk (usually about 6-8 teaspoons with a bit of shampoo), foam it up and stick a shower cap on top... by the end of my soak, my hair is nicely marinated and after rinsing, I get shiny, healthy, silky soft hair... 
if you're wondering how to mix up the silk and shampoo... I have a nice little picture tutorial here -

But seriously, Miracle Protein can also be used in lots of other ways... LolitaNY has a host of various products incorporating this specific ingredient... I love it in her Essence Spray (makes my face baby soft), her clay masks (again, moisturised, baby soft, clean skin), her bar soaps (her healing soap is my daughter's and my absolute favourite... and I use it as an all over soap ie... body and face). Basically, Miracle Protein is a top-to-toe type of product, only limited by your imagination and need for a silky smooth healthy finish.