Wednesday, April 30, 2008

before and after...

Thought I'd like to see what difference makeup makes.. if any... so here's a set of before and after pics. See any difference?

SN Foundation 11 white : 1 ebony : 1 buttery
SN Perfecting Powder
SN Sleep in a Jar concealer
SN Cocoaberry blush

SN Basalt - brows and upper liner
SN Bare - highlight and lower inner liner
SN Nudge Nudge - entire lid
SN Moondance - crease and lower outer liner

SN Breathless lip gloss


TSS Symphony of Chaos (blackberry grape shimmer) - crease, inner lid, outer lid, lower outer liner
TSS Risky Behaviour (Grape shimmer with layers of baby blue and lilac)- mid lid, highlighter, lower inner liner

My fav color is purple... but somehow this particular combination or color choice doesn't seem to fit me... guess I'll have to go experiment some more. :)

Blue and Gold

EyeShadows - applied with a wet brush

TSS Off the Deep End (Iridescent blue jean blue with crystal and baby blue sparkle; Ltd Edn) - Crease, Inner Lid and outer lower liner
SN Bare (champagne shimmer) - Highlight, Mid lid and inner lower liner

Not sure if I'd do this look again in real life... maybe will try a dry version for a less intense look.

Delayed teenagehood?

Ok.. been so caught up with make up lately.. I'm sure I've experiencing delayed maturity in this area. Still since I'm going to do it, I might as well blog my journey right? LOL!

So here goes... the next couple of post will be ETODs that I've done. Still very much a newbie so excuse any mistakes. In fact, if you can point them out to me, I'd appreciate it... anything to help me learn more and get better.

I'll also post the colors I've bought from TheSheShop, Silk Naturals and Luminere. Plus all the brushes I currently own.

That's enough to start off with... now I'm wondering how long this blog is gonna stay active. ROTFL!