Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SilkyGirl BB Cream with SPF 25 PA ++

Dropped by Watson’s today to pick up my copy of GLOW (Watson’s inhouse magazine). I won’t bore you with more pictures of it and the freebie pouch… there're enough of those floating around. :P

I must say though that the magazine is an interesting read. Picked up a few more pointers about skin care and makeup. Will elaborate more on that another post.

What caught my eye in Watsons was this new product on the SilkyGirl shelf. Remember I was raving about their liners a while ago?

So here it is… SilkyGirl’s Magic BB cream.



Given the current craze for blemish balms or BB creams as they’re known, it isn’t too surprising that yet another one has appeared on the market. What is nice is that this is a drugstore brand with a relatively low price point. Low enough for me to consider trying it. Its introductory price is a mere $15.90sgd/$10usd

Swatched it on my hand to test out the texture and coverage. Here are the two shades – 01 Natural on top and 02 Radiant on the bottom.

DSC07866  DSC07864

01 fit my skin tone better than 02. I’m not sure how much you can see in this swatch after they’re blended out. In terms of coverage… not much but they were easy to blend and didn’t have a powdery feel to them afterwards. In fact, they left my hand feeling rather soft.


I like that they have a sunscreen factor to them. It appeared to be chemical based though but didn’t have the anti-mmu ingredient. Totally forgot to take note of the ingredients. Sigh. Will try add that on later.

I just bought a suncreen infused product so I doubt I’ll be splurging on this until that’s used up. Anyone else think they’ll give this BB cream a try?

Competitions galore!!!

Heya, all you Singaporean lovelies :)

there are three easy to join competitions for Watson’s products. These range from skincare to makeup items.

so go have a look here and here and here. All three ladies are fun to read and have interesting takes on the makeup world and their experiences in it.

have fun! and let me know if you win something :P

Saturday, June 27, 2009

As a Dueling Diva in a Fairytale you can Float on a Cloud while being a Scatterbrain – TSS eotd

Shopping my stash again :)


Monistat – base all over
NYX JEP in horseradish – all over lid and smudged up
TSS Float on a Cloud – inner lid
TSS Scatter Brain – mid to outer lid
TSS Be The Fairytale (LE Cindy) – crease upwards
TSS Dueling Divas – highlight
DM just browsin’ black – brows
MM liquid eyeliner in Black
Ardell either demure or 110s.. I think…

DSC06656 DSC06655

Friday, June 26, 2009

totally not m/u related…

went to bed last nite knowing that Farrah Fawcett had passed on. Woke up this morning to find MJ had done the same.

Two people that don’t know I exist but who I’ve been aware of and at some points crazy about.

Kinda reminds me that I’m really approaching that time in life where my icons will be moving on. I’ve already had good friends and relatives go.

Must must must remember to spend as much time as I can with those I love around me so I *don’t* regret not making the effort when the time comes.

*dang* this is hitting home today…

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Maybelline NY Makeup Workshop

*before I get started… I know I’m super late in posting this… still haven’t got my pics uploaded but am taking way too long so will post this first and the pics of my freebies will come later*

As I mentioned in a previous post, I signed up for a makeup workshop run by Maybelline NY on the 12th. The description given was

"Get personalized styling guidance from an experienced make-up artist AND experiment w an array of make-up & colors from Maybelline New York!”

Although I spent time looking at the map, I managed to get lost on the way to the session. Thankfully, the lovely Shermaine gave me good instructions over the phone and I did get there.

At each desk was a lovely train case filled to the brim with all sorts of goodies… I really couldn’t wait to get in and try them all.

From right to left, top to bottom, lipstick (watershine), mascaras (all brand new!), mineral foundations/blushers, liquid foundations, angelfit two way cakes, lip glosses, eyeliners, brow pencils and last but not least, eye shadow quads.


Also given was a folder with some information. To be honest, there wasn’t much. LOL! at least not as compared to the info that I’ve found available on the net.

DSC07730 DSC07729 

We were introduced to Maybelline’s new Pore Zero makeup base. Its got a SPF factor of 25 and went on really smoothly. We were taught to put some on the back of our hands then dab and spread on to the face in an upwards motion. Repeat until the whole face is covered. Due to it being relatively quick drying, you should avoid doing the normal “dot, dot, dot, blend” method.

I gotta say I was rather impressed by this product. Pores did look diminished. Now, I’m curious as to the ingredients. Been searching online but so far unable to find a list. Guess I’ll have to pop by the store to have a lookie.

I topped it with Angelfit’s 2 way cake in OC2. We were told as asians, we should choose the more yellow toned foundations rather than the pink as they complemented our skin coloring more.

I’d forgotten how much I liked the 2 way cake. It really does impart a glow that makes you look healthy and radiant. So very tempted to get it again especially as I have now learnt the ‘proper’ way to really cleanse my face after applying makeup.

Blusher was next. We were each given a shade chosen to suit our skin tone. Mine was Peachy Sweetie. A lovely mid pink. I liked the color but really really wished for my usual big badger brush to apply it. Using the brush that came with the blusher was an exercise in patience.

For blush, the advice was to smile and apply to the apples of your cheeks. Make sure to blend out the edges so it appears to be a flush and not a circle of color.

Brows were next… and we used brow pencils. I found they went on pretty smoothly and the brush at the end of the pencil helped pull everything together.

After that it was eyeshadows!

These were the three quads that our trainer Felicia recommended as good to have… they’re in the neutral range and can bring you from day to night depending on how intense you apply the shades.

from top to bottom –

Venice Carnival, Autumn Spirit, New York Nite


I tried Venice Carnival but really didn’t like the way black looked on me. :(

Technique taught was the dark to light method. Darkest on the lid near the eyelashes and gradually blend upwards to the brows.

I ended up using quad 04 which was a range of blues that were lighter than New York Night.

I forgot to take a pic of the look I did using the Maybelline products. But to be honest, I wasn’t overly excited about it. Perhaps it was the lack of a proper e/s base but the colors just weren’t popping for me.

I think mineral e/s has totally spoilt me or Maybelline colors are just too regular for me. Sigh.

Mascara was next and we each were given a brand new tube of Unstoppable Curly Extension which I promptly used. :)

Here’s my finished look and my partner in color play, Sherlyn.


Then time was up and we had to go. For me, it was a fun refresher class in basics. I didn’t realise I had already learnt so much. Still feel like a beginner in so many ways.

I’d love to attend sessions that taught a little more advanced techniques. So will be on the look out for them. :)


And here was my quick look for the day… just L’oreal’s HIP green liner with TSS Lost Moss on top. SN’s siren glow all over eye area.

Not sure why I put it on cos I took it off as soon as I arrived. LOL!

DSC07726 DSC07727

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Secret Wishes makes a Prince a Pauper – TSS etod

I am really outta time. Sorry this hasn’t been edited at all… just wanted to get it posted. :P


Monistat – base
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Pacific – all over lid and smudged upwards
TSS Secret Wishes (LE Cindy) – inner lid and highlight
TSS Prince to Pauper (LE Cindy) – mid lid
TSS Fairest of Them All – with the larger EOB crease brush - outer lid, crease up to brow bone
TSS Lucifer’s Chariot (Go Glam) – with the smaller EOB crease brush – crease, outer v
TSS Zelda’s Revenge – again with the smaller crease brush – outer V
MM liquid eyeliner in black

DSC07705 DSC07704

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Where’s my outer V?

this is one of the best explainations for applying a outer V using eyeshadow. Plus this look only has two shades of color.

Hope you enjoy it/learn as much as I have :D

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Things that make being a mummy so worthwhile…

Totally not beauty related… but here’s what fills my heart to overflowing…


the guy on top is turning 4 next week. the gal is 5.

we were in the car after church and everyone was tired. my little guy lasted the longest and so ended up letting his older sister use his lap as a pillow. he’s really got a good caring heart.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Quick quick update

I’ve been so bad… looking back, my last proper update was June 3rd! that’s more than 10 days ago! there goes my promise to myself to post at least twice a week. *naughty fr0nd!*

so what have I been up to, you’d probably ask… lots! its the school hols and that always means family time. Plus my cousin went to Taiwan for 2 weeks and left me his car to use. YAY! you can do so many more thing with 3 kids when there’s a car involved.

So we had supper 2x… my kids very first supper. So now they’re true blue Singaporeans! I mean, can you imagine a Singaporean that’s never had supper before… ludicrous!

Here’s some happy faces…

 DSC07678 DSC07677 

and here was what I enjoyed most…


so of the frothiest teh tarik I’ve had in ages. The froth came past the top of the cup. Sadly though, as I walked back to our table I passed a fan and my lovely froth went flying *cries*

still the drink was smooth and oh so very yummy.

more family stuff to come soon… :)

Demure or 108?

There’s another false eyelash spree and I need to decide what to buy… LOL!

so here’s my top two choices… Ardell’s Demure and Ardell’s 108s… which do you prefer?

First up is Ardell’s 108s…



Second in line… Ardell’s Demure



I used these also here.

I’ve got 4 pairs of the 108s and am tempted to buy 4 of the demure just as alternatives. I think both have very different effects…

So should I spend the money and get more demures? Let me know what you think via the comment link… :D

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wonder what I’ll learn…

For those of you who are on facebook, Maybelline New York is running a makeup workshop next Friday, June 12th. Cost is SGD15 a person.

Get personalized styling guidance from an experienced make-up artist AND experiment w an array of make-up & colors from Maybelline New York!

Each participant walks away w a MNY Starter kit worth $30 :)

Limited to 15 participants/session for the most effective workshop.

After a little consideration, I’ve signed up for the first session (2-3.30pm). Before you ask, no, I’m not going with anyone. I’m quite used to and am comfortable running solo… but having said that, if anyone wants to join me, I’d love to meet up and share the experience with you.

Am looking forward to, perhaps, learning some new techniques, trying new products and of course, exploring that goodie bag! new ‘toys’ are always fun to have!!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Free is Fabulous – enabling alert

Just got this lovely little email in my inbox… and what can I say, I am so very tempted. :( and given my love for her colors, it’d be super easy to come up with a suitably sized list of ‘wants’. Sigh…

Free is Fabulous Fest Kicks Off Today!!
Whether you are a new client who has yet to try all of our products, or an existing client, you're going to want to read this!!!!
We know that most women who wear our Minerals come back for the extensive eye palette of colors we offer, but we are rather proud of the many items we have created for your face too!  So, what better way to introduce you to a little of everything than by giving it away!!!
Here is how it works.....you spend $30.00 (before shipping charge) and we will send you TWENTY free samples!!!!! 
Each kit includes colors for both warm and cool skin tones to make certain there is a little something for everybody!!!
Your kit includes:
Ten eye colors ranging from velvets to twinkles and everything in between!!
Two blush colors
Cashmere Kisses
Cashmere Stockings
Plus a few other surprises including our BRAND NEW....NOT EVEN RELEASED YET.....Cashmere Sun!!!  This new item is soon to be a part of our Cashmere product family and is designed to give you the same subtle glow but with a kiss of sun...never orange and never streaky, just a healthy bronzed finish for all skin tones!!!
Twenty free samples in all giving you loads of new treats to play with!!! 
This offer is only good while supplies last! 
No code is needed; you just spend $30.00 and we will automatically send the FREE SAMPLER because FREE IS FABULOUS!!!!

Happy and Healthy June!!!!

Best wishes,



So… who’s gonna join me… *checks wallet for cash*