Monday, June 15, 2009

Quick quick update

I’ve been so bad… looking back, my last proper update was June 3rd! that’s more than 10 days ago! there goes my promise to myself to post at least twice a week. *naughty fr0nd!*

so what have I been up to, you’d probably ask… lots! its the school hols and that always means family time. Plus my cousin went to Taiwan for 2 weeks and left me his car to use. YAY! you can do so many more thing with 3 kids when there’s a car involved.

So we had supper 2x… my kids very first supper. So now they’re true blue Singaporeans! I mean, can you imagine a Singaporean that’s never had supper before… ludicrous!

Here’s some happy faces…

 DSC07678 DSC07677 

and here was what I enjoyed most…


so of the frothiest teh tarik I’ve had in ages. The froth came past the top of the cup. Sadly though, as I walked back to our table I passed a fan and my lovely froth went flying *cries*

still the drink was smooth and oh so very yummy.

more family stuff to come soon… :)