Monday, June 15, 2009

Demure or 108?

There’s another false eyelash spree and I need to decide what to buy… LOL!

so here’s my top two choices… Ardell’s Demure and Ardell’s 108s… which do you prefer?

First up is Ardell’s 108s…



Second in line… Ardell’s Demure



I used these also here.

I’ve got 4 pairs of the 108s and am tempted to buy 4 of the demure just as alternatives. I think both have very different effects…

So should I spend the money and get more demures? Let me know what you think via the comment link… :D


Agnes Tan said...

Both are nice!!!!! DUN TEMPT MEEE!!!!!!!!

Agnes Tan said...

No wonder you dun need mascara. Kekekee!!!

Frond said...

err.. this was testing hor... so put on and take off... by right should use mascara to get my lashes to join the false ones but I didn't. :P

and I just got a new tube of mascara.. too many liao!

Agnes Tan said...

Without mascara, it already looks perfect on you. Let alone with mascara.

BTW, have you receive the Lancome mascara yet?