Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dueling Divas and Matyr Girl make Empty Promise – TSS eotd

I am continuing to shop my stash. Yes, I know I have three LEs which I haven’t touched yet – not even to swatch for you patient readers who have requested swatches… but at the moment, I’m finding it more fun to shop my stash and see what new looks I can come up with.

These TSS colors are all available in the regular collection except for Dueling Divas which is from the custom palette.

One of my gfs commented that since I have a sizable area above my crease I should use it. So I’m trying to extend the limits of my color application. LOL!

My color mojo is kinda back. If you notice, I’m using a lot more colors again. But its fun to really get back to blending and mixing things up.

Lashes used were Ardell’s Demure. I did tell my other gf that I didn’t like them… well, surprise, surprise, fickle Fr0nd actually does. They significantly up the volume of my lashes while not being long enough to hit the lenses of my glasses. So I’ll probably be looking into getting a couple more of this model.

Enough talk… on to the eotd!


Monistat – base
NYX JEP in Pacific – all over lid and smudged up
TSS Dueling Divas (custom) – inner lid
TSS Pom Pom Chic – mid lid
TSS Matyr Girl – out lid & crease
TSS Empty Promise (one of my fav purples) – above the crease
TSS Moonlight Whimsy (another old fav) – highlight
MM liquid e/liner in black
Dayna’s Minerals Just Browsing Black – brows
Ardell’s Demure lashes

DSC07660  DSC07661DSC07665 DSC07664  

with flash – pls excuse the oiliness, this was taken at night after a very long day

DSC07674 DSC07673

my own thoughts are that I really should move the lashes inwards… they’re way too long at the outer corners and make everything look droopy. But given that I had already spent 45 mins (just on lashes) trying to get this look together, I was too frustrated to pull them off and start over for the fifth time. Will try to do better the next round.


and one with my eldest who has become a four eyed monster just recently :(


finally, just a word to let you know that I’ll try to blog at least twice a week for the next four weeks. But no promises. Its the school holidays and that means mummy is on the “go go go” – much less “me” time to play with my colors :)

til the next time, stay beautiful!