Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SilkyGirl BB Cream with SPF 25 PA ++

Dropped by Watson’s today to pick up my copy of GLOW (Watson’s inhouse magazine). I won’t bore you with more pictures of it and the freebie pouch… there're enough of those floating around. :P

I must say though that the magazine is an interesting read. Picked up a few more pointers about skin care and makeup. Will elaborate more on that another post.

What caught my eye in Watsons was this new product on the SilkyGirl shelf. Remember I was raving about their liners a while ago?

So here it is… SilkyGirl’s Magic BB cream.



Given the current craze for blemish balms or BB creams as they’re known, it isn’t too surprising that yet another one has appeared on the market. What is nice is that this is a drugstore brand with a relatively low price point. Low enough for me to consider trying it. Its introductory price is a mere $15.90sgd/$10usd

Swatched it on my hand to test out the texture and coverage. Here are the two shades – 01 Natural on top and 02 Radiant on the bottom.

DSC07866  DSC07864

01 fit my skin tone better than 02. I’m not sure how much you can see in this swatch after they’re blended out. In terms of coverage… not much but they were easy to blend and didn’t have a powdery feel to them afterwards. In fact, they left my hand feeling rather soft.


I like that they have a sunscreen factor to them. It appeared to be chemical based though but didn’t have the anti-mmu ingredient. Totally forgot to take note of the ingredients. Sigh. Will try add that on later.

I just bought a suncreen infused product so I doubt I’ll be splurging on this until that’s used up. Anyone else think they’ll give this BB cream a try?