Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Maybelline NY Workshop – part 2

As promised in this post, here’s the goodies I hauled from the workshop…


A lovely black and white makeup pouch that has a mirror attached.

DSC07774 DSC07773

Maybelline’s new Unstoppable mascara. Its got a nice, easy to use brush that does extend my lashes while giving them extra volume. Not as much volume as my other Maybelline mascara – Volum’ Express Turbo Boost - but good enough. What I may do is layer the two. :)


A lovely blush in Peach Sweety… I’ve used this twice again and really do like the color. Sad part is that it doesn’t seem to last as long on my face as my SilkNatural’s blushes do.

Am about to sign up and pay for two more workshops in August… still looking for my cheque book. Can you imagine in this day and age still asking for cheques? sigh… me thinks some companies need to be updated a little more.