Monday, May 03, 2010

So long… Farewell…

Those who have followed me for a while know I LOVE TheSheSpace (TSS) eyeshadows. They’re affordable. They’re colorful. AND Heather always seems to come up with new collections.

Well, the sad news is TSS is closing down.

*universal sobs*

The good news is that Heather’s made one last collection to say “bye bye”. Here’s what she had to say…

As we near the end of the About Face Eye Colors division of my company and prepare to kiss these colors good-bye in order to make room for Hope Quest, I simply couldn't make the transition to Hope Quest and the other surprises coming without one last collection! So, I took little pieces of things that life has taught me over the last several years and turned it into one more BOLD collection!!!
I hope that you are as excited as I am for the next phase of this color endeavor and all of the great things that I pray Hope Quest will bring!
You will notice that the individual jars for this collection are $3.00....that is because they are brand spanking new, never been seen last hurrah colors....and I sincerely hope that you enjoy them!

Fortune Cookie Wisdom has a rather large range of colors all with fortune cookie style names like “hindsight sheds light” and “give dreams light”.

(images from

They are only available in full sizes but at USD3 a pot… its still very affordable.

Now for the $100 question… am I gonna buy them. Simple answer is no. I like the colors… oh yes, I do!! BUT I still have over 400 of her colors in sample sizes that I haven’t used up yet… not one!! can you imagine?

I don’t need full size pots sitting around… *shudder* even though, I *know* they’re mineral and will last and last and last… I may get on the TSS forums and beg for samples though. *giggle*

Should I or should I not… hmmm… that is the $1000 question! Let me know what you think. :P

*edited to add* hmm.. I just noticed the Scorpio (I'm one) collection is up for clearance... if she still sold sample sizes, I'd be really tempted but...


Ida said...

I say buy! Heehee. Since they look so pretty, and they're only $3. And as you mentioned...minerals last forever. :D

Fors said...

i'd be willing to split with u if u like :)

Frond said...

@ Ida.. that's a great help... wanna share them out then? LOL!

@ Fors... thanks for dropping by. How did you find me? interesting idea to split the buy... seriously not sure about my budget though. Do you have other friends who'd be interested? We could split things 4 ways. I've done it before with her grab bag collection.

farrah said...

i'd share with u but i'm already flooded with eyeshadow at the moment lol plus as u know i'm trying to make my own so i just match whatever colour i want when i want it :P

if you're really into some particular colour maybe i can help u with duping it :D

Frond said...

@ farrah

totally understand about you swimming in e/s. You haven't posted any swatches of your own concoctions yet though... been waiting for them :)

Fors said...

can't remember! But I subbed to your feed a while back :) i don't have other friends unfortunately but I don't mind taking whatever you don't want.