Wednesday, May 05, 2010

SilkNaturals 2010 Spring Colors

Gorgeous spring colors from SilkNaturals


Mystery Adventure Club.. who doesn’t like a mystery? I sure do! I love surprises too… Karen promises for a one time payment of US$37.95 (int’l)/US$34.95 (US), you’ll get three lovely shipments over 3 months. Each shipment will have GWP products worth a minimum of US$12. You could anything ranging from eye shadows to skin care products. So if you’d like to add more excitement in life, consider signing up for this club.

The eye shadows are so vibrant looking. Different from the ‘usual’ range SN offers. Karen says its because her intern, Thea, designed most of them this time. I’m tempted… very tempted but have never really liked the texture and color payoff of SN e/s. I like bright colors and SN til now didn’t have them. But now… oh deary me… I so need help in not pressing that “add to cart” button.

I’m oh so tempted to pick up the two new lippies, Best Friend and Truly. They look so fun! and I’ve always loved SN lippies and their prices too.

As with my eyeshadows (but to a much lesser degree), I have more than enough lippies already… all except two are from SN.

Decisions… decisions… decisions… I hate making them! and I think I’m going through major haulage withdrawal symptoms… I really gotta stop looking at websites… but don’t let me stop you from shopping… *evil grin*