Thursday, May 06, 2010

Starburst copied…

First time I saw the video tutorial for this look, I said ‘too bright’ and ‘pink… ewwww!’ But the look stayed in my head for more than a week and I started to try and figure out how I could copy it. Why? well, just cos it’d be something I’ve never done before.

First up, what to use? minerals? or one of my palettes? Minerals was my first choice so I started swatching…

Now although I know I don’t normally buy yellows or pinks much less reds… I plowed through my collection of minerals and turned up with these red/pinks…

  • Beauty from the Earth Rasberry
  • SilkMinerals Strawberry
  • SilkMinerals Pomegranate
  • TSS Vampires Tap Dancing (LE Storybook)
  • Aromaleigh lookinforakiss
  • Aromaleigh peony



nice pinks, not reds, but to me, they looked a little too blue for the eotd I was going for… still looking for that elusive red…

finding yellows was equally challenging…

DSC08938 DSC08940

do you see a problem? I did… no really pure yellow yellows. more golds and bronzey golds. Sigh…

I finally resorted to following VoT’s suggestions on using the 88 matte palette and 120 palette. And here was what I came up with… only thing I left out was the false eyelashes.

  • Monistat – base
  • NYX jumbo eye pencil in strawberry milk
  • from the 88 matte palette – pink, red and white
  • from the 120 palette – yellow
  • Majolica Majorca liquid liner in black
  • Maybelline mascara

DSC08968 DSC08964

So do you think I got close enough to my target? let me know.


Ida said...

gosh that's bright! well done, it's definitely close to the original photo :) Inspires me to try something new as well. Though none of my mineral e/s are yellowy yellows either, hehe.

Frond said...

@ Ida
thanks Ida... glad you agree with me that its bright! LOL!
Am gonna challenge myself to try more new color schemes. Am feeling that its the only way to really improve on my m/u skills. :P
Looking forward to seeing your new looks too!

farrah said...

hi darling! btw raspberry is from beauty from the earth, i recognise the colour and my handwriting!! also u inspired me to do a version too! it's on my personal blog now :D

Frond said...

@ farrah
my bad!! I'm so sorry... I did make the correction on the post... and am running off to see your take on the look now :)