Friday, May 07, 2010

A doggy post…

This is *not* a beauty related post… so stop reading now if that’s what you’re looking for!

Had a couple of friends who were wondering about the reference to dogs in my previous post, Who let the dogs out.

well, the short answer is Dayna made a set of mineral e/s specially for one of the Voxers and named them after her dogs. So Scully, Jack, Popo and Gigi are all dogs. Gettit?

Speaking of dogs… my mafia wars clan on facebook is having a ‘family feud’. So my team, the Monkey Junkies, is up against the Toto’s Terrors… the sheer amount of trash talking via pictures on my clan’s public FB page is amusing… here’s a link if you wanna have a look.

Here’s one in particular that totally amused me.

and finally to wrap up this doggy post… here’s a cute smiling dog! He makes me wanna smile right back at him.

Til next time… WOOF!