Saturday, May 29, 2010

Computer down…. Computer up…

heya everyone,

I managed to publish the last post from a friend’s computer. And got my hubby to help with figuring out what happened to mine. Well, my computer needed some new parts. Specifically a new graphics card. *sigh* so after spending some moolah… I’m back online and gonna start blogging again :)

Its been a super busy week. Had a conference I was attending. Got inspired and renewed thanks to good speakers and a wonderful hubby who watched over my kiddos for two days so I could indulge in some brain overload. There are so many times when I really need to be reminded of how blessed I am to have a man who’s supportive, loves me a whole lot and is willing to do what it takes to take care of me.

The ‘nice’ thing about the conference, makeup-wise, was that it gave me a chance to try out a sample of BB cream that I had bought. Look out for my review sometime soon. Short version… Skin79’s VIP Gold Super+ Beblesh Balm SPF25 PA++ is a winner in my book. *big grin*

Just a little more randomness, realised during this break that I really do blog just for me. Was upset a few weeks ago that no one seemed to be commenting and I had no way of knowing exactly who was reading what I babble about. But it really doesn’t matter. This is my place to say what I feel like saying and share what I’m interested in. That’s enough reason for it to exist. :P

til my next post… cya all! and if you are reading, let me know by “following” me please. I do like to keep up with both online and offline friends :)


farrah said...

eh.. i read your blog regularly ok! i check in at least once every two days to see whether you've got new stuff!

Frond said...

@ Farrah... I know you do lah... you comment :)
thanks so much... and know I'm reading your blog too... via Google reader... I check that a minimum of twice a day :P