Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Silk Mineral’s POPPY collection

I’ve been looking at Silk Mineral’s POPPY collection for a while now. The bright colors really attracted my attention. Anyways, finally put in an order for a full set of samples plus 5 freebies that I won by posting an eotd on SingaporeMotherhood’s forum.

The colors did not disappoint when I swatched them…


Strawberry is pinker (more reddish tones) than Pomegranate which is more berryish is tone than pink.

and here are the 5 freebies I chose from the STARLIGHT collection

These are lovely irridescent colors. The difference I can see between the H and S is the level of glitter/sparkle. For instance, S Violet really catches the light and sparkles. H Violet, on the other hand, seems to shimmer and shine from within. More like a glow than a sparkle. I can easily imagine using S Violet on top of a purple for extra sparkle.

Spent the morning looking at my hand and thinking up possible combinations… will do up some eotds soon.

btw, J (and you know who you are), feel free to copy the pics :) I’ve watermarked them now. LOL!