Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Sweet Ruler of the Land really needs some Mesh & Lace to escape the Root of Evil.

Ok.. so that was a really long title for this eotd... but hey, putting names together is rather fun! :P

so here's what I used. Placements will be described in the pic tute... if you bother to read that far:

NYX JEP in Pacific
NYX JEP in Cottage Cheese
NYX JEP in Blackbean
TSS Mesh and Lace
TSS Ruler of the Land
TSS Root of Evil
TSS Sweet like Sugar
TSS Lucifer's Chariot

with flash


without flash


and here's the tute... (for pics of the brushes used, please go HERE)

Start with a smidgen of monistat on each eye - didn't bother to take pics cos it just looks like normal skin. Next, cover the lid up to the crease with NYX JEP in Pacific. Draw a thick line of NYX JEP in Cottage Cheese just under the brows.


then blend the Cottage Cheese downwards to meet with the Pacific.


Next pat Mesh and Lace on the inner 2/3s of the lid. I used my Loew-Cornell Maxine Mop #270.


then Ruler of the Land on the outer 2/3 overlapping w the Mesh and Lace in the middle. Same brush.


Using the Essence of Beauty larger crease brush in a windshield wiper motion, brush up to the crease area using Ruler of the Land.


I switched to the smaller Essence of Beauty crease brush and applied Root of Evil in the outer corner and a little into the crease. I used the point of the brush and placed it into my outer corner then rolled it up into the crease (not a back and fro motion)... hard to explain really but it gets the effect I like.


A thin layer of Sweet as Sugar was applied using Loew-Cornell blender mop #276.


If you've noticed, I haven't done any blending apart from what the brushes do when I apply the colors. Now, I grab my newest favourite blending brush, the EDM eye buki, and sweep that over my eye from outer corner inwards. With each sweep, I clean it off on my microfibre cloth so the colors don't get muddied.


Using the smaller crease brush again, I apply Sweet like Sugar on the tearduct area. On the lower lash line starting from the inner corner, Sweet like Sugar, Mesh and Lace, Ruler of the Land, Root of Evil.


Penultimate step is to apply Blackbean using my Beauticontrol brush. (forgot to take pics at this point.) Followed by patting in Lucifer's Chariot using SN's Ultimate brush - the liner side.


Finish off with Mascara if you want. Me... I'm too lazy and I'm only going to my mom's after all... *grin*

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial... let me know if you'd like to see more :)