Friday, November 20, 2009

prezzies… *big big grin*

so here’s what I got as some of my birthday prezzies…

from my darling hubby…


we found this at a shop at Parkway Parade. Looks like your normal choker but there’s a difference. Its magnectic beads… so you can come up with your own patterns for usage. Thing is that they do tend to stick to each other so it can get pretty messy.


Here’s a simple necklace I came up with and…


a cool bracelet.

He also found this while looking around at Guardian…

I’ve been looking for a nice shady sunhat for quite a while now. Need to hide my skin from the hot noon day sun as I bike around sending/picking kids.

DSC08331 DSC08330

Needless to say, I bought it in purple… I’ve tried it and it does a fabulous job of shading. No sunrays are able to get at my face. YAY!

what I especially like about this is that it rolls up easily into this…


which is small enough to go into my handbag or pocket. See the black elastic band that holds everything together? Japanese really know how to make things usable but oh so convenient.

Plus this is machine washable and according to the japlish description, protects against UV. So all in.. it was a lovely prezzie that has been used regularly.

Then from one of the sweetest gals I know… who spoils me silly… came this…


The flowers were buds when I got them and this is three days later… beautiful beautiful purple and white blossoms. I’ve no idea what the name of the flowers are and if you do recognise them, please let me know. I love them to pieces.

The red rose (still in its protective wrap) was from my hubby yesterday… he’s a sweetheart of a guy!

On top of the flowers, she gave me…

DSC08327  DSC08328 

from Crabtree and Evelyn…. my favourite color and my one of my favourite scents.


Can’t wait to use the shower/bath gel in my bathtub. LOL! the hand therapy cream is already on my hands… *giggle*


side note : I’m discovering that extracting the memory card from my SE901 phone is… to put it mildly… a PITA!!!!!!! will try to get used to it so I do get some blog posts out but do excuse me if it gets more text heavy at some point.

til next time.. have a lovely purple day…. *big grin*


Ida said...

happy birthday frond! :D nice pressies, i like the hat!

Frond said...

thanks Ida!

love the hat too.. use it everyday :)