Thursday, November 26, 2009

A call at 4am…

Ok, so here’s another total rant… stop reading here if you don’t wanna hear all about it and scroll down about a page to read about more fun stuff… two hauls!!!


I am soooo praying that this is just a STAGE in my eldest’s development. Been dealing with so many issue this past couple of weeks. Ranging from lying to stealing (well, according to him borrowing… but who borrows $100??) and now…

He spent the nite at my MIL’s. I went to bed forgetting to switch off my ringer on my handphone (this is my old set cos my new set won’t take photos and I had to send it in for servicing which is a whole ‘nother rant! *grrrrrrr*)

Woke up from a deep sound sleep by a very loud ringing phone. Picked up the call and was greeted by silence… lots of silence. Even with my repeated hullos… there was no reply… and then the call got disconnected. Given the number reflected by my caller id… the suspect list was really short… couldn’t be my MIL or my FIL… so only person left in the house… my son.

The call triggered one of the worst headaches I’ve had since getting preggy way back in 2001. It wasn’t an ache… but a throbbing pain echoing in my head. The kind that makes you wanna bang your head against something. So got up and popped in two panadols (paracetamol) and tried to go back to sleep.

Woke up late with the pain still there… mumbled some nonsense to my hubby over the phone (yeah, I know… same house and I can’t get my butt off my bed to go talk to him in person) and he coaxed me to go eat something so that he could give me a stronger painkiller afterwards. After breakfast, in went Ponstan, an antiacid and a muscle relaxant. All of which combined to make the pain more of a fuzzy interference in my head.

The meds have lasted quite a while and the pain hasn’t really returned… it more of a nagging ache now. Much easier to handle… just that I’m sensitive to sharp sounds. Sends an echo bouncing round my head. Sigh…


Anyways… on to more fun stuff… checked my mailbox…

*drum roll*

My package from LT was there… nice and fat… and so was my recent SN order. (no pics… cos no phone => no camera *sobs*)

*cartwheels around the room*

I <3 <3 getting packages in the mail!!!

opened LT’s first and here’s what she sent me (for pics, check out her post here -

  • SN perfecting powder (yippeeee I’m all out)
  • Revlon azure mist palette (been eyeing this in the stores but couldn’t bring myself to pay the price)
  • LA Splash liquid eyeliner in Blue Whale
  • EDM blush sample in Walkie Talkie
  • Body Shop blue and pink/peach e/s
  • Jessie’s Girl e/s in skywalker (can’t wait to try this one out!)
  • Ulta e/s in Truffle and Zephyr
  • Juice organics light tint moisturizer – sample size (ideal for my quick trip to Malacca coming soon)

Its been a while since I’ve gotten excited over m/u but getting my hands stuff I’ve been drooling over and itching to try… well, put it this way… pretty good chance I’ll be going out with my face done tomorrow. :D

Then I opened my second (smaller package).

*wanders off on a tangent*

You know how there are some companies that just give you such good service that you can’t stop buying from them? Well, I gotta say SilkNaturals is one of my all time fav m/u companies. Their customer service totally rocks! even when I had problems with shipping going awol, they made it up to me.

ok… so I placed an order to restock on perfecting powder, date bait, foundation (ebony, white and tried a packet of the new glow) and their new zinc powder. The way it works is that they give one free ‘surprise’ e/s and then with every $30 you get a e/s of your choice FOC.

well, I don’t like SN’s e/s… doesn’t suit my need for color *grin* but I DO like their lippies… so I added a note to my order asking if I could please change my free e/s to a lippie instead.

Surprise surprise… they not only sent my the freebie lippie I requested for but an extra one for good measure… and… I still got a free e/s thrown in.

The color I asked for was Fashionista… a nude wine shimmer vegan lipstick and I got Mirage (Ultra Nude Vegan Lip Gloss) as my extra. I have to say I wouldn’t have order Mirage on my own… but I can’t wait to see what it looks like on my lips and how it’d blend with other shades to make something special :)

So… the day started out bad and ended on a pretty upbeat note. Gotta stay thankful even on bad days, don’t you think?

stay cool everyone and Happy Thanksgiving for those of you who celebrate it.