Sunday, June 06, 2010

Green Eyed Monster… NOT!

As someone who isn’t living in the great US of A, I frequently read about offers that are ever so tempting BUT only available ‘locally’.

It makes me soooo annoyed especially when my hopes go UP then come crashing down. Having blogs on my reader that descibe in gory detail how to get lippies at 50cts or looking at the gorgeous new collections available only statewide totally doesn’t help either.

Just as a for instance… ZOYA is having a nail polish exchange where you send in any old bottle of polish and get a brand new shade of your choice for US$3.50. Now how lovely is that? sigh… seriously, stateside gals, take up the offer. The colors look soooooo gorgeously bright and beautiful!

Yeah, I guess you could call me a sucker for punishment cos it doesn’t stop me from trying again and again OR drooling over images on my computer screen.

So I try to remind myself about…


which also brings to mind what my church is currently going through. (yeah, I know I don’t talk about religion here normally but its strange situation which I know that God will make right!)

So what’s in my m/u rainbows? well, here in Singapore we’ve got access to so many Asian brands. Particularly ones from Japan and Korea. I know that I’ve just jumped on the Korean bandwagon. Lovely shades of m/u at oh so affordable prices. And easily available either at shopping centres or online.

I’ve got a lovely neighbouring country with lots of local brands at lovely prices (especially if I get them during sales and a nice FX low). Sure am looking forward to heading there next week!

I have every freedom to live vicariously through other people and their wallets. In fact, if I got everything that I drooled over, I doubt I’d have the time/energy to actually use them all.

and last but not least, there are so many online communities here selling 2nd hand stuff. I tell ya, every weekend I’m trolling this particular group waiting to see if I can find any gems for sale. So far, I’ve bought OPI polishes and some other random m/u items. All at affordable prices. I’m happy although my wallet isn’t.

So I’ll count my rainbows and enjoy every moment and item I have.

What are the rainbows in your life?