Saturday, July 11, 2009

Brushes... my current collection

*originally posted on Dec 16, 2008 on VOX*

am I becoming a brush whore.... I wonder... anyways, ever since the arrival of my CoastalScents brush order, my collection has more than doubled. :)

so here they are... not as many as some of you but definitely a lot according to me.



Ok... now for the individual pieces... from my current collection (not including the new arrivals)


These are my current fav face brushes. The top brush is from Beauticontrol (it came in a set complete with a brush roll). I use it for putting on my finishing powders and foundations. The second "cow" brush is excellent for adding my contour color to my cheeks. Its just the right size too! The third brush is the Italian Badger Buffer brush from CoastalScents. I use this for my blushes... just one swipe onto my cheekbone and I get a lovely blended flush of color. I can't say enough about this brush. I love love love it. (one thing to note though... it does shed a little ^^)



These are the brushes I turn to when I'm doing my eotds. Starting from the bottom

The Color Applicators

the ultimate e/s brush from SilkNaturals. This was one of the first e/s brushes I owned. The angled brush head is really good for patting on pigments. Its got a kinda pointed part that gets into the inner eye rather well. To be honest, this brush doesn't get much use now as I prefer my other newer brushes.

the 'cow' e/s brush... lovely nice small brush. I can see bringing this if I travel. Picks up pigment with ease and applies it without much pressure. A really nice 'cheap' but 'good' brush.

the Loew-Cornell Maxine Mop #270... really really loving this brush at the moment. The head is smaller than the cow brush and really gets into my inner eye corner with no issue at all. Its an excellent size for my eyes and packs on the color so well. Sadly, I haven't found this brand here in Singapore but will keep looking.

The Blenders

the Forever Female pink crease brush... my first pencil type brush. It has revoluntionised the way I apply the crease color. (thanks Erika for the vid tute on this!) Truly, finding the right brush makes the application soooo much easier! I use this for crease work mainly.

Loew-Cornell blender mop #276... my favouritest brush at the moment. I love love love love this brush for the ease of color application when I just want a wash of color, I use the sides of this brush. Its just the right size to cover the area from my crease to my brow bone. Gives me the nicest shimmery sheer look that I just adore. Then if I use the top of the brush, it does an excellent job at blending colors together without being scratchy or ouchy. Its just so soft. *hugs*

Beauticontrol e/s brush... part of the set I first bought. This was my FIRST e/s brush. Couldn't figure out why my crease didn't turn out properly when using this... LOL! I've come a long way, baby! Still using this for highlight colors and color washes...


These are the two main brushes I use for lining my eyes. The top brush is from Beauticontrol. I think it might be a concealer brush but I'm not sure. I use this to pick up color from my NYX jumbo eye pencils and application on my lids. Then I use the other end of SN's ultimate e/s brush to pat pigments into the cream liner. This brush enables me to lay down color very close to my lash line. Its what is known as a push brush, I think, cos you basically push the pigment into your lashes... making for a thicker looking lash line if that's what you're after.


this are the last of my 'current' collection...

1st Pic
eyebrow/eyelash brush which I still haven't used all that often. The 'cow' liner brush I talked about in a previous post. Great when used wet for applying a thin line of pigment. SN's fibre optic blush brush (my first fibre optic brush!)... in my opinion, absolutely horrible for applying blush... its too small! but its good for applying Dayna's glows... just a nice small line of glow on my cheek bones...

2nd Pic
Beauticontrol blusher brush... umm... this was one of my first brushes too... used it for a while til I got my badger. Its ok... not great.. does the job.
ForeverFemale buffer brush, I think. It gives more coverage than the brush I normally use for foundation. I use it on days when I just need more color on my skin to even it out.
Flat top brush from I don't know where... don't really use this brush at all... the coverage is way too heavy for me... although is super super soft...hmm... anyone out there want it... going real cheap ^^ ... I'm serious!

Ok, after getting this far... I've decided to split this post into two... its getting way too long ^^
so part two will cover all my new brushes... :)