Friday, July 10, 2009

More Brushes

*originally posted on 16 Dec 2008 on VOX*

Now, in terms of brushes... I washed my 'old' collection... so had to use my new brushes...


Essence of Beauty duo crease brush.... Erika... I love these brushes! they are clearly gonna be new favourites (*waves bye bye to foreverfemale crease brush*) They are soft... and so easy to use. The larger one is great for working my crease. What I did was to use my 'cow' e/s brush to apply the color on the lid... then loaded up my bigger crease brush, put it into the corner of my eye and swept across my crease, first only in one direction to place the color then in a windshield wiper motion to blend it out.... end result... lovely lovely placement of color... YAY!

the smaller crease brush was sooooo nice on my lower lash line... placed the color just so... I am soooo please... I can't tell you... *hugs Erika madly*

EDM eye buki was used with Candy Sparks... its HUGE!!!!! one swipe covers the entire area from my crease to my brow... I'm honestly not sure how much I'm gonna like this brush... I just have so little control over where the pigment goes cos of the brush head size... sigh... on the plus side, its really really nice and soft.... I may end up using this elsewhere on my face. ^^


h a p p y h a r t s h o r n e said...

Do you use MMU undereye concealer? I've been thinking about getting the EDM for buffing on MMU in the undereye area since it looks fluffy and not too dense.

Frond said...

I've been using MMBB's bright eye with a duo fibre e/shadow brush from TSS. So its not so much a concealer but a brightener.

Tried SN's original sleep in a jar... didn't like it. Haven't actually tried any other concealer.

errr... does it count that sometimes I do use a e/s brush to apply slightly more foundation under my eyes. I find it helps hide the darker circles sometimes.

You're looking at the EDM kabuki e/s brush? I love using that for blending out the eotd after I'm done. It just melds all the diff colors together perfectly.