Friday, July 10, 2009

AOK… cos I sincerely doubt it was random!

Some time in May, makeupstash had a Mother’s Day competition. Well, I didn’t join it but my good girlfriend did. And she won! I was really happy for her.

Here is a list of her prizes :

Mummy will win:

  • Ivoluxe Lipstick in Sensual
  • D36 Cheek Colour in Entice
  • D27 Eyeshadow in Suede (a gorgeous shimmery, flashing lime green with a touch of taupe!)
  • Highbrow in Cocoa

Mummy's Girl will win:

  • Ultragloss in Pop
  • Cheek Blush in Dolly
  • Metallogy Eyeshadow in Champagne
  • Undercover Concealer

She came by for lunch on her birthday… and gave me a prezzie. She told me she thought they would suit me better than her. Thanks dearie!

I’ve used Inuovi’s blush gel before and liked it (my pre-mmu days) so I’m pretty excited to have these lovelies to try out. I’ve never had a concealer before… yes, I refused to fork out $$ to get something I didn’t think I really needed. BUT I’m so glad I have one to try out now. The brow pencil will be fun to try. I’m just worried its a little too light. But we’ll see. The blush is sooo pretty and will be good for travelling. The lipstick has a hint of purple, its not a pure pink. Lovely lovely :)

DSC07894 DSC07895

DSC07897 DSC07900 DSC07902 DSC07903

And here before you ask for it are some lovely swatches… I won’t insult you by telling you which is which. *big grin*



Watch out for some Inouvi fotds… akan datang! LOL