Tuesday, July 14, 2009

LT’s raok

So my dear Vox friend (who has since moved to blogspot) had a giveaway in June and I won! :D

So here’s what I got :

1) a cute note… love the teeth LT!


an overview shot…


2 ) Liners

please note the black pen (middle right). I forgot to take a close up of it. :(

It was the Revlon Colorstay liner in blackest black. Its basically a felt tip pen liner. I was able to get both a super thin line and a thicker one rather easily.

Haven’t tried it on my eyes yet but will definitely get around to it :)


next was the Rimmel Exaggerate waterproof eye definer in purple shock. This is a red toned purple which I’m kinda iffy about trying on my eyes (I prefer cool tones). But I will and I will take pics too.

Its got a smudger tool at the end of it which is pretty soft when tested on my hand. Waiting to see what it will do on my eyes.

DSC07950  DSC07952   DSC07955   DSC07958

a sparkly liquid eyeliner by Dot Dot

wondering if I should try using this on top of #3.

DSC07973 DSC07974  

3) Lauress Revital-Eyes eye primer

the question is whether it will take the place of my beloved Monistat. :P stay tuned….


4) Eyeshadows

Revlon cream shadows – if I’m not wrong they’re from the Illuminance range and this is Precious Metals.

DSC07977 DSC07978 DSC07979  

EDM’s eyeshadows in OASIS and COOKIE SHEET

DSC07965  DSC07967 

Lauress’ Gem liner in Wicked



the left most swatch is…

5) Blush

Sonia Kashuk’s Beautifying Blush in Flamingo


6) last but not least…. another soap for me to try… don’t have to buy soaps for a while at the rate I’m going :)


this one smells rather nice although I don’t normally go for food scents. And Goat’s Milk should make a rather moisturizing bathtime :)


Thanks LT for all the goodies and apologies for the delay in getting this posted!! *hugs*


LT said...

Hi Frond, no apologies, I was just really worried that it didn't get to you and was so ready to ship you another package just because I would've felt bad if it was lost in the mail.

I specifically included the Lauress primer because to me it's a lot like the monistat one that you adore so was curious if it would stand up to your HG.

Frond said...

ooo now you've got me curious about the primer. :P

and no need to send another one. LOL! want more HK stuff? hee...