Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My everyday eotd look

I really don’t do fantastical eotds every single day. I don’t even wear makeup everyday. LOL! particularly so when I’m in a lazy mood or my kids’ work overwhelm my schedule.

So here’s what I normally do if I wanna just brighten up my eyes a little.

Both these two eotds were done using SilkMinerals eyeshadows. I tend to reach for those because they are gentler colors and easy to blend out. Plus I like the prices too so I’m not afraid to use them all up.

So my technique… or whatever you wanna call it is…

  • grab my monistat and blend that all over. I really do believe in using a base to protect my skin from the color I’m gonna put on top.
  • grab an eyeliner and color in half my lid. Or another way of describing that would be to draw a super thick line above my upper lashes.
  • using my finger I usually smudge that a little
  • grab my bigger Essence of Beauty crease brush and dip it into the e/shadow
  • pat the e/shadow onto the lid then blend it outwards and upwards to the brow bone. This is where Silkminerals e/shadow really works well. I can get a graduated shade that goes from opaque to sheer.
  • grab my eyeliner again and put a thin line on my upper lashes and on my upper waterline
  • mascara if I feel like it

SM’s spring green w L’oreal’s HIP liner in green

DSC07919 DSC07918

SM’s soft violet (LE shade) w Silkygirl’s funky eyeliner in Purple

this pic was taken after about 7 hours after application. Still looks pretty good in my opinion. :)

DSC07927 DSC07928

What’s your everyday look? Leave a comment and let me know. :D


h a p p y h a r t s h o r n e said...

My everyday look? MAC shadestick as a base; a light wash all over the lid, with a darker color on the outer 1/3 of the lid to contour. Finally, a matte color that is just a tiiiny bit darker than my skintone blended into the crease to define. That's it!

Frond said...

sounds lovely actually. I heard MAC shadesticks are a little hard to use. I really enjoy using my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils as a base for my looks.

you actually use 3 shades of e/s everyday? :O I'm way too lazy. :(