Thursday, July 16, 2009

Finally, oh, Finally… part 1

Many many moons ago… I ordered and received TSS’ grab bag special.


It was shared with 3 other gals and the entire story of how it got split up was recorded here. Since then, I’ve not really been doing swatches but always have it at the back of my mind that these need to be swatched and used… soon.

So without further ado… here’s the swatches. Am gonna split the post into two parts because with all the pics, it gets a little long.

First up, an overview. It was a collection of 20 colors. Heather didn’t give any descriptions for these shades so color confused me came up with my own version. DSC08048_thumb[7]DSC08026_thumb[1]

1 row :

  • Fuzzy Peach – a matte peachy neutral
  • Steam Dream – kind of a frosty peach but with no glitter
  • The Doll House – icy satin pink
  • Faces of Eve – red toned light satin purple
  • Yummy Kisses – light satin peachy pink – looks like it’d make a nice blush or highlight or lipgloss


2nd row :

  • Frenzied Free Fall – almost matte taupe
  • Extreme Ribbons – darker taupe more satin
  • Sign of the Times – satin pink with a sligh blue tone
  • Ladies who Lunch – reddish purple
  • Built on Matchsticks – orange bronze. looks diff from diff angles

DSC08003_thumb[1] DSC08027_thumbDSC08028_thumb

*to be continued*

do remember that you can click on the pictures to see a bigger version. :)


FaceFab said...

Ooooo you got it!
did you get "julia's got the list"?
it's one of my favorites!

LT said...

Nice Frond!