Saturday, July 18, 2009

Finally, oh, Finally… part 2

continuing on with the grab bag swatch collection


3rd row :

  • Naked Emperor – cool icy bright blue
  • Cancelled Clarity – medium satin blue
  • Winking Warlords – sparkly blue with black undertones
  • Make Some Noise – light medium blue with sparkle
  • Highest Society – blue toned purple

DSC08008 DSC08020DSC08043DSC08028

Final row :

  • Maniacal malice – don’t know how to describe this one
  • Wishing on Stars - *ditto*
  • Baddiest of Boys – seems to be a morph color. Looks one way in the bag but turns out completely different on the skin. Its kinda blue/green/purple/black. Hard to describe.
  • Happy Go Lucky – sigh… used up my color vocabulary


Well, that’s all folks… another swatch “to do” that I can cancel from my list. Let me know how many looks you’d like me to come up with from this collection and I’ll get to work. :P

I’ll leave you with a couple more random colorful swatch pictures. Hope you enjoyed this. :)


DSC08038DSC08018  DSC08021


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