Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A quick update

tried to include this in the NYX swatch post but... Sorry for the slight break in postings... its exam season here in the house... my eldest is taking his mid year exams. As all Sinagporeans know, when kids take exams, the parents are the ones that are totally stressed out. sigh... it will get better by the end of this week. *wipes sweat*

then I came down with a lymph node infection last week (probably too much stress). The right side of my neck is sore and its just draining my energy. No idea why my lymph node needs to much energy but there you go... bed time comes often for me now... can't stay awake for long. Sad huh?

plus I'm working on a huge personal project. Something I've never done before. There's a huge learning curve and its taking tonnes of planning, energy, research and calculations. (many many thanks to the few of you who are working f/t as my sounding boards!)

then to top it off, some of my immediate family are giving me rubbish... which does not help in terms of stress levels (kinda related to my infection...)

I have been doing eotds but mostly been shopping my stash... not enough energy to do the swatches I *have* to do before using new colors. here's my current to do list in terms of m/u:

  • swatches for - TSS grab bag (yes, Cavano... haven't forgotten you!)
    • TSS LE Pisces
    • TSS LE Aquarius
    • TSS LE Random Acts of Color
  • and to use all of them together with...
    • my new Marjolica e/s palette BR751
    • NYX e/s
  • practice using my new false eyelashes (still haven't got the hang of it after watching tonnes of Youtube vids - ever seen a "flutter, flutter, flutter... flies away"? - I think I have powerful eye lids or something)
  • spring clean and sell some of my unused goodies

I hope to get them all done sometime this year... bwahahaha...

on another note, am declaring a serious no-buy from here on out... *falls over laughing*


makeupmag said...

All the best in your future endeavours! I like the spring green eyes below. :)

Frond said...

thanks Mag!