Thursday, April 30, 2009

NYX Swatches – brown, greys, pinks

Ok… here’s the long awaited, asked for swatches of the NYX e/s I got from my last big haul. Its gonna be in two parts just because its so picture heavy.



ES131 Dust, ES84 Toffee, ES39 Slate

DSC05581 DSC05580

ES152 Latte Foam, ES72 Walnut Bronze, ES129 Meditteranean, ES150 Eutopia, ES36 Chocolate




ES83 Skin, ES90 Apricot Moose, ES85 Sunset, ES50 Salmon, ES58 Peach

DSC05570 DSC05566



ES67 Shimmer, ES130 Wild Flower, ES147 Pink Oleander

DSC05557 DSC05559



ES119 Cream Cheese, ES140 Snow Cone, ES146 Egg White

DSC05555 DSC05554

ES132 Alaska, ES63 Platinum Silver, ES78 Beanie, ES42 Grey



watch out for part 2… coming soon :)


nikkiz. said...

wow! that's a lot of e/'s the pigmentation of NYX?

Frond said...

pigmentation... hmm... well, I'm really used to the pigmentation of MMU so was kinda disappointed with this lot. Took several swipes of my brush to get enuh to swatch... even though I used Monistat as a base, the colors just didn't pop as much as I thought they would.

I think they'd work better with a creamier base and will be trying them on top of some of my jumbo eye pencils from NYX. will report back on how that goes.

was told they are more pigmented than MAC e/s though... if that's any help. :P

Stacie Dee said...
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Stacie Dee said...

thanks for the swatches but whats the 4th color on your hand on the first picture please ?