Wednesday, February 25, 2009

latest … and probably last purchase for a while…

Ok… so I showed you my computer table mirror a while back. But I found it was hard to really see my eyes while doing this… I think the lighting here in the study area is just different from my toilet… so I went looking for a stronger magnifying mirror.

There was a Drugstore spree being held with a 20% discount so I headed over to take a look. Was very tempted by TweezerMate Powerful 12X Magnification mirror… but at usd14.99 a piece… it was a little more than I was willing to pay.

Then I saw the Revlon 10X Tweezing Mirror… at usd5.99 it was definitely more affordable and had pretty good reviews too.

so here it is…



I haven’t tried it out yet… will probably do that today.. but I am happy just to see it :)

oh and as a extra note… for those who were asking how to use those fringe holder thingys… here’s a pic showing you how. hope it helps