Thursday, February 12, 2009

My New Hair Accessory

I’m really enjoying my Monday afternoons nowadays… being able to go window shopping if I feel like it without any kids is sheer bliss…

Last Monday (yes, this is a late post), I went down to Sasa at Plaza Singapura and looked around at the newest beauty arrivals.

This is what I decided to pick up.


Its called the Dariya Maegami Fringe Holder (S$6.90/approx US$4.60). What a funny name (which to me is pretty typical of translated Japanese names/instructions). But it really describes what it does – holds back your fringe while you work on your face.

The neat thing about this is that it doesn’t squish the hair down so you don’t lose volume and end up having a flattish top of your head. Neither does it leave a line behind like my usual hair band does.

Plus its super easy to use. The two rectangular strips are kinda like velcro. There are pokey out things that you place on to your hair and pat gently down. The strip grabs your hair and doesn’t let go until you pull it off gently.

There are cheaper versions at Watson’s but they were pink.. and if you know me, I don’t do pink… :D