Thursday, February 12, 2009

A early Valentine’s treat

I have got to have the sweetest hubby in the whole wide world!!! Really. He’s constantly asking how he can be a better husband (a question I rarely ask him). He takes care of the kids willingly when I run off to do my own stuff. He cooks fabulous meals for me, always bearing in mind what I like and what I don’t.

Monday, he came back with this…



Plus, he’s been coming home every afternoon – which explains my absence from the blog world. LOL! Its been so lovely just spending time with him around. Talking, laughing, just enjoying *being* with him.

He didn’t make it back today… too much work piled up I think. But I do appreciate the effort he’s made to give me time with him.

*now back to regular programming*

The mirror next to it is a new purchase from Ikea. There are times when I just wanna do my m/u at the computer table. ^_^


Min Hui said...

so envy you...sigh..:)