Monday, February 09, 2009

more on the silk protein...

I ordered a bigger packet of the stuff and when it came, I bagged it into 1 tsp full bags for easier usage later on. I did leave about 3tsps full in the larger bag it came in and tried out the method suggested by SilkMineral... add water (shampoo for me) to the bag, let it sit til everything dissolves (I agitated it when I get impatient) then snip off a corner and pour into your bottle. Worked like a dream... really more mess free... guess that goes to show I should pay more attention to instructions in the future. LOL!

Well, I spent some time contaminating every bottle in my hubby's toilet. So far, he hasn't commented... that's kinda true to form for him. He hardly notices most things. LOL!

Then I drew myself a bath.. used some bath salts, my favorite essential oils (lavender and rose geranium) plus a tablespoon of silk protein... to be honest... while it was dissolving it smelt really weird... seriously... but it went away and after the oils... it was completely gone. Spent some quality time soaking in the tub before getting out. When I did, I found my horrid heels (feet) were much softer. The hard calloused skin, even after a day, was softer and easier to exfoliate off... my elbows looked much happier and overall, my skin felt smoother and, dare I say, silkier...

I'm really liking this powder and its definitely on my wish list. *big grin*