Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Silk Protein – a pic tute

Ok… so running outta shampoo and am ready to mix up a new batch… so thought I’d take some pics just to show you how easy it is to do this.


from left to right… my box of silk protein with two baggies on top, my 1 ltr bottle of Giovanni Triple Treat Tea Tree shampoo, a almost empty bottle of shampoo (use any bottle u happen to have lying around).

The standard rule of thumb is 1 sachet (1 teaspoon) to every 200ml of shampoo. Try this mixture first, if you don’t get the silky result and feel like you still need to reach for a bottle of conditioner… add another half sachet until you get the level of treatment that you’re happy with.

Personally, I use about 1 sachet for every 250ml and it works for me.


I wanted to show you the differences that can happen with silk protein. It comes in a powder but with time and moisture it changes its appearance. The bag on the left is newer and so while its clumped up a little, the color has remained the same. The bag on the right was from my first purchase of silk protein. So its about a month old. See the color change and how its a hard slab. If you open it… its really sticky and you can really smell it.


Start off by opening the bag of silk protein. Make sure its completely open and the shampoo can touch all the silk. Then pump in your shampoo. *apologies for the weird angle… hard to take a picture while holding a bag and trying to pump shampoo out*

see how sticky this one was in the beginning (bottom left corner). I had to pull the sides of the plastic apart so the shampoo could get to the silk.



this is after I pulled the sides apart. at this stage, you have a choice. Either close the bag up and leave it alone for like 30mins or…

if you’re like me and just can’t wait… then close the bag up and massage it… squeeze it… rub it… give it some lovin’…

then you should get something like this


see how the clear shampoo has now turned yellow/brown? also notice there is still some silk protein that hasn’t dissolved.

what I did at this stage was to pour the shampoo out into my empty bottle and refill with fresh shampoo.


then do the same thing… massage… caress… rub… give it some more lovin’!


FINISHED… pour it out… (you can either do this the way I did or leave the bag zipped close and cut a small hole at the bottom to pour) and top up the bottle with more non treated shampoo.



see the difference in colors? my finger shows how full the bottle was. Then cap your ‘new’ bottle of shampoo and shake it up… actually mine was too full so I had to roll it around and turn it up and down to get everything mixed.

*whispers… and because I was so excited about taking pics… I forgot to cap the bottle and liberally doused my bathroom with shampoo!*


finished result… use and enjoy your lovely silky soft hair. :)

if you’re using it in a bathtub or as a foot/hand soak… just dump the silk protein into your container of liquid (water) and let it dissolve. Much simpler! LOL

For baths, I add essential oils and bath salts to maximise my bath experience.

hope this helped some of you have a better idea how to use this silk powder!