Wednesday, March 11, 2009

MMBB swatches, a new liner and eotd

Here are the swatches from the freebies Lisa sent together with my order.


Hot Chocolate & Bronze lippies

impressions :


hot chocolate was a mlbb shade for me. Could hardly tell it was on. Gave an added gleam and shine to my lips.


bronze is totally a wrong shade for me. looked way too orange I think. not used to it at all. will probably pass this one on.

in terms of texture and usage… I guess I’m not used to using a lip brush (another skill I haven’t learnt) so I think I ended up putting on too much. Resulting in gloppy lips which I didn’t really like (don’t like feeling lipstick on my lips). Will retry the Hot Chocolate again and see if I can’t do better the 2nd time.

*from left to right – using monistat as base*

bella blue, sunkissed jade, golden rosalie, princess fiona

DSC04925 DSC04924 

loved these shades Lisa chose for me. All of them are pretty and totally usable.

here’s an eotd

monistat – base
NYX JEP in pacific – lid
MMBB Bella Blue – lid blended upwards
MMBB Golden Rosalie – highlight
L’oreal HIP liner in navy

 DSC04955 DSC04954 

and on my trip to Watson’s, I picked up SilkyGirl’s Funky Eyeliner Pencil in pure purple (what other color would I have chosen?). Again, this is a recommendation from Mag. It cost me SGD6.30/USD4 after a 20% discount and comes in a pretty wide range of colors.


I like the pigmentation of this… one swipe and you see color on bare skin. its smudgeable immediately after you apply but sets to become really hard to take off with just soap and water. (had to wash my hand three times and rub hard!)


haven’t tried it on my eyes yet… can’t wait to see what results I’ll get.

what was the most annoying part of this purchase was that the plastic wrapping was almost impossible to take off. Even using a pair of scissors… finally gave up trying to get it off the cap.

but while I was trying… I managed to knock the pencil off the table, resulting in the broken nib you see in the swatch photos. *cry* the lead is seriously soft!