Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Lolita New York - the shop

Most of you on FB would have already seen herdottyness' pics (yes, I'm talking to you ex-Voxers) to the rest of my friends from near and far... here's my take on yesterday's outing... its gonna be in parts cos I'm swamped with work and really should be clearing that and not blogging... but whatever... *giggle*

frankly speaking, in terms of pics, I don't have that much. Reason being... I am ready to toss my phone cum camera into the rubbish bin as soon as my contract expires and I can get a new one. Seriously... the silly camera keeps tell me to open the lens cover when its already open!!!! can vomit blood... but with a *lot* of persistence, here's some pics from Lolita NY @ Marina Square.

Just some back ground, Lolita NY was set up by the same people who brought you SilkMineral. Jo L, a good friend and salesperson, has expanded the range of miracle protein products available and these are sold solely at her shop and not online. I think its getting to a stage where everything that can have miracle protein in it is available in some shape or form.

Here's the section that has soaps, shampoos, facial cleanser, a lovely foot scrub and her latest product, essential oil blends. Let's kinda walk through the shelves...

Personally, I love her handmade soaps (the ones at the bottom of the picture). Each has miracle protein in it and special blends of essential oils to cater to different skin issues. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I use the soap for bathing and for washing my face. Currently, I'm using some of her older versions of her soaps but just stocked up yesterday with orange/bergamot, clarysage/lavender in both the plain and detox (with dead sea mud) versions. I can't wait to try them out. If you're around Marina Square, do drop by and take a whiff of the gorgeous scents. Then imagine filling your bathroom with them... sheer luxury I tell ya!

heading up on the left side of the pics, you can see two shelves with little bottles of additives that can be poured into shampoos/cleansers. They can do a variety of things, revitalize your scalp, soften your skin, ease eczema and the list goes on. You can either choose to add them to the products she sells OR you can bring them home and add them to what you're using. Now, isn't that lovely?

In between the shelves of additives, is the facial cleanser. Now I have a friend (you know who you are and you really should blog this yourself!!) who has ditched her SKII cleanser for Lolita's. Her baby's skin is doing much better too! Her choice of additives are miracle protein and lavender. I haven't tried it... *yet* just because I'm really happy with the soap bars.

Speaking of lavender... I gotta tell you... Lolita's lavender is like none other that I've smelt. Its soooooo good! I think it'd make a convert of the most die hard "hate lavender" club. Ok, enough of the side track...

Top shelf on the left holds her bottles of shampoo. She's got three varieties... Orange/Beramot, ClarySage/Lavender and TeaTree/Eucalyptus to cater to different scalp and hair needs. Again, I have my own favourite shampoo at the moment and have 1 litre left so this is on the "to try" list sometime down the line as well.

for more information on the soaps, additives and shampoos, head to Lolita's FB page and check out the photo albums. Lots to see and read there :)

On the other side, top to bottom, are facial masks (just add water), essential oil blends and miracle protein.

She's got tester shelves for her latest collections, little packets of trial size products and Taiwan's Yuan soaps.

Now here's the side of the shop that I really really had fun with...

I've been using SilkMineral colors since very early on. These are just a step further. More complex and interesting colors. More on that later on though.

And before I go, here's the price for the lip glosses I mentioned in another earlier post...

ok... I really have to run off to do some actual work.. not blogging... so I'll be back with swatches of all the pretty eyeshadow colors.