Wednesday, March 09, 2011

musings about coupon sites

Here locally, there's been a sudden influx of coupon sites. I know in the States, Groupon is making itself known as well. Basically, they are sites that offer heavily discounted deal on various products and services. Its a win-win for both company and consumer. We get a good deal and the company gets publicity and an influx of new customers.

Being on a tight budget, I've taken advantage of quite a few offers over the last couple of months. No regrets so far... so why this post?

well, I've found that some of the offers have hidden costs. It can range from dealing with hard selling while enjoying the discounted service to something like this offer... which to be honest, I was really tempted to take up.

Gellish is the new "in-thing" among nail enthusiasts. It claims to be able to last 3-4 weeks with NO signs of wear and tear. The only reason why you would have to reapply is due to nail growth. Current prices for Gellish treatments here are way outta my budget. Seriously. So the SGD25 offer is really a STEAL! and I have until June to use the coupon. Nice :D

So I filled out the necessary details and was about to hit the "BUY" button when a thought suddenly struck me. How much will it cost me to get the Gellish off my nails? Bear in mind, this is a special treatment and so you need to go back to the salon to get them to remove it for you. If you're reapplying, that removal fee would be part of the reapplication fee. Make sense?

But for people like me who won't reapply... well... how much would it cost? well, a lovely GF did the calling around for me and found out that costs vary from SGD2 per nail to SGD 4 a nail. Do the maths... that's SGD20-SGD40 just to take it off...

does SGD25 seem so worthwhile any more? I don't think so!

So I guess what I'm saying is... if you see a deal that's really worth your dollars... read and reread all the fine print and make sure you're happy before you hit the "BUY" button. There are wonderful deals out there... I know cos I just bought one to use tomorrow. :D

No prizes for guessing what's for lunch *grin*