Thursday, March 04, 2010

My Eyeliner collection

Just thought I’d line up all my liners in a pretty swatch… so here’s everything I use on a ‘regular’ basis along with some thoughts on each.

TOP ROW (left to right)

Silkygirl long wearing eyeliner in 02 Black Brown

haven’t used this in eons! especially since I got Maybelline’s gel liner. But this was my first liner ever… so it deserves mention :P

Silkygirl funky eyelights pencil in Ocean Blue (02)

Silkygirl funky eyelights pencil in Pure Purple (04)

to be honest, haven’t used these two in quite a while. Not that they aren’t good… just have gotten really distracted my my MM liquid liners. Will revisit them soon I think, these swatches have gotten me interested again :P

L’oreal HIP liner in 950 Navy

L’oreal HIP liner in 940 Green

Love these two especially for lining the upper waterline. They stay for quite a while and add depth to my lash line. Have been experimenting with using them on my lower lash line using the ELF small angled brush… so far, working out ok. But need to practice a little more to get the effect I’d really like

Majolica Majorca Neo liner in Black (BK999)

Majolica Majorca Neo liner in Shiny Black (BK911)

Majolica Majorca Perfect liner in Green (GR604)

Majolica Majorca Perfect liner in Blue (BL603)

what can I say? I use these liners most of the time. A small thin line defines my eyes while a thicker line with a wing adds a touch of drama. Tacks a little practice to get it done right but once mastered, its the “go to” liner for nice dark bold lines.



BOTTOM ROW (left to right)

UD 24/7 Glide On Pencil in Deviant

UD 24/7 Glide On Pencil in Electric

UD 24/7 Glide On Pencil in Covet

just got these three liners from UD’s GWP promotion. Deviant is full size while Electric and Covet are trial sizes. I have got to say these have to be the silkiest, smoothest liners I’ve ever tried. No issue with smudging soon after applied but once they set, they don’t go anywhere. Lovely. The only down side is the price. *sigh*

Cream/Gel EyeLiner by Maybelline EyeStudio in brown

I don’t use this nearly enough. Find the brush fiddly compared to the other pencils. But I do like this for tightlining on top of other colored liners. Eg if I use the Silkygirl liner and want to define my lash line a little more, I use this smooshed (is that a word??) into my lashes so they stand out more. The colored line is still there but my lashes have an identity of their own.


What are your favourite liners? and why? Leave a comment and tell me.