Saturday, January 16, 2010

I am officially broke… (final part)

My final purchase from Watson’s was the Cream/Gel EyeLiner by Maybelline EyeStudio. Such a long name for my first very little pot of gel liner. :P

It comes with a little brush which I found rather easy to use. Granted, I haven’t washed it yet and already used it. So I might change my mind after I wash it. Still, for now, I’m happy with it. Its super stiff.. more like a very little palette knife than a brush. It smooths on the liner with very little problems.

Here’s some swatches showing how how thin/thick you can get the line using their brush.


I did a very simple look for going out then spent a couple of minutes playing with it a little more when I got home. (This was done while my AHA Exfoliating cleanser was on so the photos are gonna be rather closely cropped.)

Here’s what I came up with.

The most dramatic winged liner look I’ve tried so far


And here’s a double winged look… is that the right term?

DSC08672  DSC08670 

I’ve used it practically every time I’ve used makeup this week and am really liking this product. It can give me both a subtle addition to the lashline and a dramatic strong line. Plus it lasts on me for more than 12 hours without any serious smudging. While I wouldn’t give up my MM liquid liners or my JEP with e/s on top, any time soon… this will definitely be added to my list of commonly used items.

That’s it from me for now… off to get ready for a workshop and then church.

Have a great weekend everyone!


ndoodles said...

This is pretty awesome! Yeah, I'm so interested in the brush because I haven't the one brush that I can apply gel lienrs with yet. This might be the one :D

Frond said...

thanks for dropping by :)
yeah.. the other brush you may wanna try is ELF Studio's Small Angled Brush. hope that helps