Friday, January 15, 2010

Swatches… from random AL & Fyrinnae e/s

So like I’ve said so many times before, I’ve got tonnes and I do mean tonnes of random samples sitting around. Picked some up that happened to be sitting in the same envelope as my BFTE baggies so decided to get them swatched too. As usual, monistat was used as a base and e/s was swatched using a dry brush.

Fyrinnae Sea Turtle
Aromaleigh Fervor (Valentine 2009 LE)
AL Fig (opulant lustre)
AL Lisette (bette noir)
AL Umber (pure eyes matte)
AL Orchid (pure eyes frost)

DSC08515 DSC08516DSC08523  DSC08519  

Rather liked the colors and texture of the e/s. Especially liked Umber… been looking for a dark matte e/s to use on my crease and this looks like it just might fit the bill. Haven’t used them yet so still don’t really know how they’ll blend or stay on my lids.

Sea Turtle was an unusual color that I had trouble capturing on camera. Its base is green but it has these blue sparkles that makes it special. Here’s a closer shot.


I used it as a liner on my eotd posted here and it came out great. Loved the unique look that it had.

I haven’t tried it as a e/s yet and can’t say how that will end up. Am actually a little apprehensive about trying it as an e/s cos if you buff it, the blue sparkles all go away and you’re left with a green not so special e/s. Ah well, will try it out and see soon.