Saturday, February 13, 2010

random rambling thoughts

Been kinda quiet cos have lost my mojo on the m/u front… sad huh?

Plus have been super busy getting things ready for Chinese New Year. The usual spring cleaning and sorting out of rubbish for 5 people takes time and energy.

I still am doing my 20 floors a day plus cycling. But there’s no difference on the weight front… still holding steady. Whether that stays the same after yesterday and the next 3 days of eating… is anyone’s guess.

Cat’s WLC challenge this week is to expain what I’m getting from doing this. Well, for me, like I’ve said in a previous video… the focus has moved off from weight loss to getting my butt moving. And given that new focus, I’m achieving that goal. Definitely getting more exercise and on a daily basis than I was before Cat’s idea.

On the beauty front, so far I’ve gotten these items ticked off

- refilled my powder pot (my usual mix of SilkNatural’s perfecting powder, date bait, silica); refilled my foundation pot (SilkNatural’s ebony/buttery gold/ivory foundation, zinc, silica). I’m good for another 2-3 months :P

- did a pumpkin masque plus honey oat masque for my face. Its clean and soft now.

– did a hair masque using my favourite silk protein and shampoo… held it all in with a shower cap while…

- sitting in a nice long relaxing bath using dead sea salts, lavender/rose geranium eo and silk protein. Scrubbed and scrubbed using exfoliating gloves. I’m squeaky clean and soft now.

- painted my fingernails with Skin Food’s Jojoba pure nail in BE003. Its kinda an antique gold shade

- painted my toenails with Misa’s “come and get it”. That’s a base color of pink with a holographic blue/purple tinge on top.

- did the same for my girl… except opposite. What I had on my fingers, she got on her toes.

I do need to decide what I’m gonna use for m/u tomorrow. That’s completely up in the air. Should I go with plums or with golds… decisions, decisions.

now back to finishing my to do list… ang pows are next…

GONG XI FA CAI everyone!